Which ceiling design for the living room do you like?

Which ceiling design for the living room do you like?

We have mentioned several times that living room occupies an important place in every home. We still hold this opinion. While the bedroom can be described as a private room, the living room is a space for common conversation. Invite guests into the living room and enjoy long hours on the couch with his friends and family. In this sense, you should note all the little things in the living room design. What to do with? With the floor covering, with the wall design and with the ceiling. Hand in hand with all these things is the lighting. Some residents want to have luminous flooring in their living room, others opt for wall sconces. In these cases it is important to plan the lighting in advance. It would be a pity to have painted and decorated all the walls and then to think about the electrical installation, right? So, step by step, the process of living room furniture was about to start: first the idea, the vision, then the electrical installation, followed by floor, wall and ceiling design ... Only after having answered these questions, you can go to furniture selection and decorations.

In previous article we have dealt with topics related to the living room establishment. Now we pay attention to the ceiling design.

The ceiling design for the living room should appear especially interesting


 In this regard, we have more than 50 ideas for original and creative Ceiling design for the living room compiled. Some of the proposals inspire with luxury and glamor, others can inspire you with their beautiful Simplitität. In any case, you will catch a glimpse! Have fun watching!

Luxurious ceiling design for the living room with LED lighting

effective-cover design-beautiful-living room-design-large-window

Indirect light combined with modern ceiling lights

flashy-ceiling paneling Modern-look-of-living

3d design of living room with unique ceiling

once-model-cover design-attractive-living room

Starry sky for a fairytale ambience in the living room


Match different building materials

attractive-living-in-bright-colors-great-cover design

Surrounded by Led light, the chandelier is unforgettable

unique-design-cover disguise-modern-living room

Effective squares on the ceiling

attractive-model-living room-super-effective-room ceiling

This design by Zimmerdecke looks first class

flashy-cover design-modern-lighting-white-living room

Interesting construction that everyone would like

cover design-in-living room-modern-design-by-room

Wood as an accent in the living room

effective-cover design-for-small-beautiful-living room

There are so many ideas for attractive ceiling design for the living room

effective-ceiling paneling modern-yellow-nuanced-interesting-living room-equip

Minimalist features

effect full-large-living room-beautiful-deckenbeleuchtung

Simple ceiling design for the living room, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the room

effect full-model-living room-with-wooden-floor-and-white-cover design

Trendy idea for ceiling paneling

unique ceiling lights-modern-design-living-great-design Another eye-catching construction

single-cover disguise-modern-living-in-beige color

Creative model hanging lamp in industrial room

unique-design-of-living-interesting-ceiling paneling

Small living room with great chic ceiling design

unique-design-of-living-great-room ceiling-beautiful-lighting

Both the ceiling, as well as the wall design immediately catch the eye

unique-design-of-living-rosy-sofa-interesting-ceiling paneling

Luxury and style go hand in hand

once-model-living room-golden-nuanced-room ceiling

Creative model living room with modern ceiling design

once-model-living room-gorgeous-cover disguise

Such a chandelier is more than enough. You do not need additional accessories to create a chic room

elegant cover-design-in-modern-living-crystal chandelier

Luxury ceiling design for aristocratic spaces

elegant cover-cladding-great-fesnter-and-modern-sofa

What do you think about these pendant lights? Great, right?

elegant-chandelier-modern-living room-white-walls

Simply brilliant!

elegant-model-living room-with-super-creative-ceiling paneling

The higher the ceiling, the more aristocratic the room itself!

elegant-living-in-white-color-with-modern-ceiling paneling

Small living room with creative ceiling design. Especially the lamps are very effective.

elegant room-design-with-modern-room ceiling

To own such a living room is almost a dream! :)


cozy-ambiente-the-beautiful-living-glass-walls-room ceiling

cozy-living-with-creative ceiling lights-beautiful-ceiling paneling

Chic wooden Deckengestaltng for the living room

glass-walls-great-cover design-in-living room-modern-furniture

Gray-model-living room-creative-ceiling paneling

A great original living room design!

Gray-model-living room-great-room ceiling-luxury ambiance

Gray-model-living room-beautiful-carpet-and-white-cover design

gray-living room-very-modern-beautiful ceiling lights

Black big lamp as an accent

hanging-black-lamp-on-the-table-in-white-modern-living room

magnificent ceiling lights Modern-white-sofa-in-living room

Sleep under the open sky :)

wonderful-design-living-room-creative ceiling
wooden-cover design-in-living room-beautiful-bedroom

wooden-room ceiling-great-glass-walls-gray sofa

Such ceiling design creates coziness in the room

wooden-room ceiling-beautiful-terrace-with-a-large-sofa

indirect-lighting-in-the-room-ceiling-modern-living room

indirect-lighting-in-wonderful-interesting-living room-great-room ceiling

Always opt for original lamps
interesting-cover design-in-living-hanging-black lamps

interesting-cover design-in-living-white-small-kitchen

interesting-cover design-modern-design-white-interior

Indirect lighting on the ceiling

interesting-ceiling tiling-white-walls-modern-design
interesting-indirect-lighting-cover design-in-living-white-design

interesting-model-living room-cover design-in-living-hanging-lamp-black

interesting model living room-with-a-carpet-on-the-bodem-cover design-in-wohnzimmer
interesting-nice-model-living room-great-ceiling paneling

Luxury chandeliers and contrasting colors

interesting-living room-modern-ceiling paneling

interesting-room ceiling-the-beautiful-living room-fireplace-and-furniture

small-cozy-living room-with-beautiful-cover design

small-room-with-two-white-armchairs-hanging-lamps-from-the-room ceiling

Unique ceiling design for the living room

creative-cover disguise-modern-design-of-living

creative-model-living room-wooden-cover design-white-walls

creative-model-living-in-white-walls-nice sofa

creative-model-living room-great-cover design

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