Yellow dress – the trend color 2015 is yellow!

Our contribution today is connected with fashion - with our favorite trend color for spring / summer 2015 - the yellow! And since we are also in love with the yellow color, we have selected for you 24 sunny and super trendy models of dresses in different shades of yellow! The summer fashion should always be fresh and colorful, forget the gray tones and bring the sun in your clothes!

On yellow dress is a perfect way to radiate energy and positive mood! You can enter yellow dress combine with black or blue shoes, of course also with classic white and light gray. All the nuances of yellow are announced: sun yellow, lemon yellow, buttercup yellow, vanilla yellow - you will certainly make an impression with a yellow dress! Take a look at our sunny proposals below!

Yellow dress - classic design under the knee

clothes-trendy-models-in-yellow-color-summer dresses

Beautiful yellow dress with a thin belt

cool-model-modern-dress-yellow gown

Elegant yellow dress and fascinating blue shoes

elegant gown-dress, yellow and ladies dresses-cheap-dresses ---

Yellow dress and black tights

--elegante gown-dress, yellow and ladies dresses-cheap-kleider--

Super effective dress in yellow

designer-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

Dress on yellow flowers 

beautiful-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

Trendy yellow nuance

-dress-dresses-designer-dresses-yellow-dresses-gown-yellow-great-summer-dresses (2)

Modern spring dress in yellow 

chic-dress-designer-dress-yellow gown-dress-yellow-great-summer dresses

Summer dress in pastel shades

yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

Sunny yellow even with baby dresses

baby clothes and yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses-yellow-dress

Trendy model for babies

baby dress-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

elegant gown-dress, yellow and ladies dresses-cheap-kleider--

elegant gown-dress, yellow and ladies dresses-cheap-dresses

-elegant gown-dress, yellow and ladies dresses-cheap-dresses

fantastic-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

-yellow-clothes-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses


modern-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses


chic-dress-designer-dress-yellow gown-dress-yellow-great-sommerkleider-

--schicke-dress-designer-dress-yellow gown-dress-yellow-great-summer dresses

--schicke-dress-designer-dress-yellow gown-dress-yellow-great-sommerkleider-

great-yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

trendy yellow-dress-trendy-design-modern-dress-summer dresses

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