Trendy caps – the trendy fashion accessories of 2017

Trendy caps – the trendy fashion accessories of 2017

Trendy in the year 2017 - for the purpose you need a cap! Our team follows the last fashion at every turn. A fad can hardly go unnoticed by us: the caps! They are part of the modern outfit that gives the whole look a new sheen. Surely you also follow stars like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez or others on Instagram - this is worthwhile on the one hand, to follow their performances on the stage and their career development, on the other hand, you can borrow from them great fashion ideas. So we also got inspired to touch the topic about the hats in the following article.

The modern accessories complement the style of the stars in their videos

NYC Caps Cap Snapback Jlo Jennifer Lopez wears modern accessories in her videos Fashion 2017
Each hat model is best combined with specific clothes, and people who are considered true connoisseurs are more of a mass exception. Although it is clear to everyone that the winter cap is intended for the cold days, and the sun hat for the holiday on the beach. Nevertheless, so many models of hats have been developed that it is difficult even for the experts to determine their numbers. Even the ancient Greeks had special headgear that they used mainly when traveling. The history of the hat goes on through all subsequent epochs such as the Middle Ages, the modern era ... until today. Everyone wants to make chic with the help of appealing accessories. The fact is, there are incredible combinations that provoke the fashion taste and imagination. To avoid such troubles, our team has developed a list of modern cap models that could be useful for you to shop.

The caps testify to your superpowers

caps supergirl super hat cap fitted cap for young women teenager outfit ideas

  • Flexfit - For the first time, "Flexfit" was called the inner band, which was made of rotatable elastane. It is now the name of the cap model and contributes to its comfortable fit and secure fit;
  • snapback - or swag cap is the sign of modern hip-hop culture. She can be seen in the videos of Tupac, Jay-Z and other rappers again and again. Since it appeared in the US in the 1950s, it serves as a cheap replacement for the baseball cap;
  • Fitted Cap - they are with straight wide screen, padded sweatband and closed back;
  • 5 panel - "Panels" are called the fabric parts of the hat, which are connected to each other. Mostly they are in triangular form;
  • Trucker Cap - This is a variant of the Snapback Cap, whose backside is net-like. This ensures increased air exchange for the head and for this reason, this model is perfect for the summer as a great head protection and fashion accessory. The clip to regulate the size brings further bonus points for the comfort of this cap;
  • Baseball - the classic baseball cap consists of 6 panels and has a close-up cut;
  • Army Cap - consists of 4 panels;
  • flatcap - the original model of the hats always forgives a noble charisma. Its shade is extremely short (about 5 cm standard size) and the silhouette is elegant and classic;
  • felt hat - a popular accessory from Johnny Depp, Leonard Cohen, Sean Connery and others. If you also try on this hat model, you will discover how magnetic and stylish it is! They will create a positive and attractive look just like the stars they have chosen.

Chic caps are popular among women and men - baseball cap

hats baseball caps for him and for her fotomodel fitnessmodel trendy accessories man and woman doing sports
The featured models are just a representative survey, otherwise you will find innumerable hats for every style and occasion. Look for the most appropriate shapes, fabrics and colors that match the current season and, of course, your taste. The Archzine team still recommends browsing the Internet first. When comparing offers, it's pretty easy to find shops that sell the best quality products at the best price. Some websites also provide fashion tips and help choosing the right brand new hats. At prominent online shops you could even order your own emblem for the selected hat. Last but not least, we remind you: not only look for the great brand, but also pay attention to the materials used to make the caps. Let the caps of your excellent taste and give them a personal touch!

Trucker cap with a personalized text is considered a single piece

unique caps white cap with black font trucker cap for woman or man curb chain sweatshirt

The classic of all caps - Flatcap

Classic caps full cap for men and women unisex model sound photo man with beard

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