Special dance shoes ideas for the best dance feeling

Now is the season of celebration and parties. That means: dancing. Whether you have been a dancer for years or are about to start a course, you definitely need their majesty - the dance shoes. Especially the beginners are faced with the question of how they choose their shoes. The dance shoes should look both elegant and fit comfortably. Although so many women's shoes are on offer, not all have these two properties. On the one hand, some shoes look so beautiful, but a lady can no longer bear them after the second dance step. Imagine what a torment this woman suffers. On the other hand, the wearer's self-esteem lowers if the dance shoes do not look stylish. But our team has a decision of all these problems - we have selected for you elegant and comfortable models that are suitable for all dancing - the classic Werner Kern ladies dance shoes. These shoes are also suitable for everyday wear. There you will find high quality products from this company, which has been specializing in the production of dance shoes for 40 years and is a family business with traditions.

How important are the dance shoes for beginners

dancing shoes-and-for-teens-suited

New Year is coming soon and we are preparing for New Year's Eve party. Everything looks perfect - the clothes, the hairstyle and of course the shoes. If you like to dance and spend a lot of time on the dancefloor, be sure to value this part of the outfit. All eyes are fixed on the feet of a dancing woman. At midnight, we appreciate how good value shoes are. Since we still expect so much dancing, we do not want to miss the entertainment because of aching feet. They enjoy every dance step when the shoes make it more enjoyable to dance - this is achieved with Werner Kern dance shoes. Below we tell you about the special features of these products:

What should we consider when buying dance shoes - material, soles and heels. With the recommended shoes you get an optimal combination of these properties.

  • Suede leather is considered a classic material for shoes for dancing. Satin and leather testify to the wearer's good taste.
  • The sole of a dance shoe must firstly allow stability and secondly easy control. Therefore, this best follows the natural shape of the foot and bends only when needed. All these conditions are fulfilled by the raw material material of the Werner Kern dance shoes.
  • The midsole works best as soft and flexible, so you will not feel any leg pain on prolonged wear.
  • In addition, the color and design are of great importance, so that the look corresponds to their style.
  • Finally, the heels amount to a medium height for optimal appearance.

Latino dancing with special dance shoes

latino dance-with-the-best-dance shoes

It is best if you have previously worn the shoes as a sample. We hope you enjoy choosing your perfect shoes and, of course, dancing.

Dance shoe like a real work of art

  dancing shoe-sonia-5-samtziege-black-comfort-sonia-5-suede-black-comfort-Werner-nuclear-e14

Professional dancing with dance shoes

dance shoe Ulla-3-4-nappa black-comfort-Ulla-34 nappa-black-comfort-Werner nuclear-317

Chic dance shoes are a real eye-catcher

dance shoe Astrid-5-5-nappa-perl-nude-Astrid-5-5-cm-nappa-perl-nude-Werner nuclear-833

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