Reddish brown hair – an exciting color transformation

Reddish brown is a very popular hair color for many women. Especially ladies who have their hair dyed or dyed for the first time prefer this fine color for their very first hair color change experiment. On the one hand, this hair color causes bright eyes to stand out properly. At the same time she emphasizes the fair skin. On the other hand, in women with dark eyes and dark skin, the impression of slightly interlaced colors is left behind. Reddish brown hair soften the facial features, yet they look very attractive. Many women choose to dye their hair reddish brown because that is a warm color that gives the women a very feminine look.

Reddish brown hair with glossy reflections
The glossy reflections make your hair look livelier and neat

reddish brown hair - young woman with long smooth hair, gray-green eyes with almond shape and oblong face, thick brown-colored eyebrows, full rosy lips and straight nose

Women with red hair are considered independent and adventurous. They are seen as individualists with a strong character. These qualities are highly valued by the men and always arouse their curiosity.

Are you looking for inspirations for a hair color change yourself? Do you still need some ideas and tips? Here you can learn more about the red-brown hair and its extensive effect.

If you hear reddish-brown hair, you probably think about nuance immediately. In fact, it is not a pure color, but two different, yet adjacent tones - red and brown. The specific thing about this hair color is just the reddish tint (color shading). Depending on how intense the tint is, the reflections in the dyed hair are more or less visible.

Matte reddish brown hair

reddish-brown hair - pretty woman with long thick hair with side bangs, fringe hair with raised hair, freefalling slightly wavy strands, golden necklace with three rows of pearls, white T-shirt with dark blue print, slim face with straight nose and pretty lips

The red tones have different nuances. They vary from mahogany to chestnut and caramel to copper and honey. Every nuance has just as different intensification. If you like to experiment with your hair and are always curious about color transformations, you can experiment with a new nuance every time you dye your hair.

Reddish brown hair with honey color shading

reddish-brown hair - photo collage of two pictures, a woman with two different hairstyles - in the first picture she has nice haircut and slightly wavy hair and wears a blue top with spaghetti straps and a black chest holder, on the second picture she has a little more curly hair Hair and wearing a black T-shirt, in both pictures she stands in front of a white curtain

Reddish brown with middle mahogany

young girl with long glossy brown mid-mahogany hair, round face and full lips with light lipstick, with big light green almost gray eyes and a slight smile, the girl is wearing a gray strapless tunic with black metal capsules on the left sleeve

Bright red, mahogany and reddish brown with blond strands

Photo collage of three pictures of three women with different hair color and different hairstyles - the first woman has very long and dense bright red hair, which is slightly wavy, the second woman in the middle of the picture has medium-length hair in mahogany color and wears a bob hairstyle , the third woman has long smoothed reddish brown hair with dark blond strands

Reddish brown gives every woman a stylish look

long wavy freefalling hair, young girl with oval face, straight nose and thin pink lips, wearing big black sunglasses, sunglasses with black frame and black glasses, girl with thin plucked eyebrows, black leather jacket with big collar with lace, wearing white blouse

Which hair color suits me?  You probably already asked yourself that question
1. Color palette red-copper

Color pallets for hair colors in red color scheme, color palette red copper, color scale red copper, pattern scale of different reds, color scale of red nuances with different color shading, copper shade with different color, the names of different red and copper nuances

2nd color palette copper

Color scale of the copper nuances, different copper shade with different Farbaschattierung, copper color with red color shading, copper color with brown color, copper with orange colors

3. Color palette blue-purple-purple

Color palette Purple-Blue-Violet-Purple, different color shades from purple to blue to violet and purple, blue to purple, violet to purple

From black with mahogany strands to intensive red

Which hair color is right for me? brown curly hair on picture no. 1, reddish brown wavy hair with gloss on picture no. 2, dark red hair on picture no. 3, girl with red hair and a red rose in hand, with full red lips and oval pale face

Brown hair with reddish color ash

Photo collage of four pictures of four women with brown hair in red, woman with hair color dark caramel, red cheeks and green eyes, girl with very long brown hair with a white diadem, Emma Stone with chocolate brown, model with medium curly hair with copper hue

Mahogany hair color

long mahogany hair with wavy lace, woman with black blouse with long sleeves and white stampe, black bustier with straps, wall with posters of photo models in a hairdressing salon

As mentioned, each hue has different nuances. For example, May have mahogany tone red, red-purple or brown nuances.

three square-shaped pictures and a square picture, on the larger picture is a beautiful woman with brown hair with caramel tips, she has a slim face and is lightly made-up, she wears a green designer dress made of tulle with sleeves to the elbow and is in the forest, on the other three photos are women with the same hair color with different hair length and hairstyles

Mahogany with red copper reflections

shiny, vibrant hair with a dark set of mahogany color shading and red reflections on the lengths, white blouse off shoulder, picture with light gray background

Mahogany with violet reflections

black hair with mahogany lengths, black hair with mahogany strands, black hair with mahogany reflections, wavy strands, light orange skin undertone, white top worn with leopard-print halter and black straps

Recently, we have seen a tendency to combine two or three different colors. That One color is used for the approach, and another for the lengths. More adventurous ladies often opt for a third color for the tops. Look at the next pictures and choose the most suitable combination for you.

Away in dark violet tones, lengths in warm reddish mahogany shading and tips in plum shades

Warm red reflex, dark mahogany color, chocolate brown tips

three women in the street, two standing in the background, one in the middle in the middle, dressed in green, with medium-length straight hair with warm red reflections, dark mahogany tints and chocolate brown tipped ends, wearing expensive sunglasses black frame and orange glasses

Reddish brown with dark copper nuances

young girl with oblong face, mouth with full lips, beautiful big brown eyes, straight eyebrow and long living hair, dyed in reddish brown with copper nuances, her hair has big curls, the hairstyle is with side pony

Reddish-brown approach with bright red lengths

A white-skinned girl with long, vibrant mahogany neck and red lace hair, she wears a cotton dress with straps and wide black and blue stripes and a wide leather belt with a big buckle

Hollywood star on the red carpet with long shiny hair dyed in red brown with copper reflections, famous woman with black jacket with big collar with appliques in dark blue and yellow and a black cylin leather hat made of velor, she has a nose piercing, small black Eyes underlined with white eye pencil

reddish-colored hair with dark brown reflections, shiny and well-tended structured hair, slightly wavy to the side, girl with a beautiful figure, dressed in a white top with a black rhombic print

Delicate dark brown

Bob hairstyle for medium-length hair, side parting and side pony, woman with triangle face, full rosy lips, straight nose and big brown eyes, underlined with black shadow and black eye pencil, woman with black make-up

To get a better idea of ​​a color, it's better to compare it to others. For this we have collected some pictures of brown and red hair, each with different nuances and shades. So you can compare the reddish brown with other colors like brown, chocolate brown and red. Look at the rest of the pictures in the article and choose your new hair color.

Lindsay Lohan with chocolate brown

Lindsay Lohan with chocolate brown hair with glossy reflections, Lindsay Lohan with blue eyes with gold make-up, black leather jacket with a small straight collar, lots of pleats and lace appliqués, gold necklaces, gold necklaces star, black top off shoulder

Brown with honey shade

Kristen Stewart with messy look - brown hair with honey nuances, free falling strands, Kristen Stewart with unkempt hair, silver makeup and black eyeshadow, applied on the lower eyelids

Darkbearer approach with caramel lengths

Woman with a feminine look, dressed in black tulle dress with pleats, chocolate brown hair with honey reflections on the lengths, big blue eyes with brown make-up and thick lips with purple-brown lipstick

Cherry nuance and cold dark mahogany lengths

long straight hair with side pony, red colored hair with cherry nuances at the base and dark mahogany shades on the lengths, gray embroidery and a pearl necklace with large white and black pearls, girl with half-closed eyes, set with cherry eye shadow

red hair with violet nuances, side-pulled parting, free falling strands and a small braid, green eyes with short eyebrow, mouth with thick lower lip and thin upper lip

Coppery red hair

very long coppery red hair with free-falling, slightly wavy strands, huge turquoise green eyes with black make-up, thick lips with dark red lipstick, eyebrows with triangle shape, black top with no short sleeves and weußem print, back tattoo with Arabic letters

Ariana Gre with bright red shiny hair with free-falling short side strands, black eyes made up with black eye pencil and black mascara, Ariana Gre with white top with thin straps on the red carpet

well-groomed red hair with strands of copper, free-falling structured stems, hair with side parting, big mouth and big white teeth, girl with a big smile on the face, black blouse with long sleeves with print of white dots

Rihanna with bright red hair

Rihanna with very curly hair, dyed in bright red, Rihamnna with medium-length structured hair, white satin blouse and elegant necklace

A hair color that makes women really feminine and sexy

Four hairstyles for mahogany hair - Woman with updo with large curls, beautifully shaped eyebrows, thin lips and small green eyes with black eyeliner, large designer earrings with crystals, girl with curly red hair and black eyes, with a shoulder piece with bird motif and dark red lipstick, a girl who sits in a car, she has chocolate skin and thick lips, a large necklace with green crystal, a model with dark red curly hair with apex in the middle, she wears red make-up, under the eyes on the she has a black velor jacket with flower appliqués

If you are unsure whether your reddish-brown hair will look good, you can put on a wig

  long wig at the back long, shorter at the sides, wig with dense pony bones, wig with apex in the middle, mannequin for wigs

black neckline with purple lengths and laces in violet, woman with white skin wearing a black designer blouse and purple lipstick, dark red neck with copper lengths, black blouse combined with white vest

Warm copper brown

Emma stomachs with medium-length copper hair with a dense lateral bangs, vertex pulled to the side, face with sun sprouts, sun sprouts on the nose and on the cheeks, hair behind the ear

Pure copper

messy hair with side parting and free falling strands, girl with pretty face, narrow mouth with full lips and green eyes

mid-length bob with side pony, chestnut-brown haired model, gray eyes and big nose, big mouth with full lips, dressed in white top

Long hair braid, thick plait pinned up, hair with free-falling strands, cream-white women's blouse with long sleeves, picture with light gray background

Fashion model of the magazine Eva with medium-length mahogany hair, side-pulled apex, green eyes with almond shape and brown skin, she has a big nose and very thick lips with brown lipstick and black make-up, she has a thin black blouse with long sleeves It is located in a dining room with transition to the living room, light wood dining room, dark wood dining room chair, reading lamp with white shade, metal candle holder

Photo collage of four images - caramel brown with green eyes, red brown with black eyes, red hair with black eyes, brown hair with green eyes

two pictures of a hairstyle for short hair - on the left side the hair is a little longer, and on the right side it is cut very short, the woman has a pony hairstyle with side bangs, beautiful plucked eyebrows, underlined with eyebrow shadows, she wears light makeup - light brownish eye shadow, orange blush and dark purple lipstick, a winter knit scarf in purple and a gray knit sweater, designer earrings with crystals and a ring on the ring finger

young and wild, with green eyes and thick, ruffled eyebrows, a thin face with full rosy lips, medium-length hair, a gray V-neck blouse, combed to the side

Rihanna with reddish free-falling hair and big forehead, chocolate skin and green eyes with golden eyeshadow, African American woman with big nose and big lips, Rihanna with extravagant black tulle dress

dark brown in combination with honey nuances, curly hair combed to the side, black shirt with long sleeves, Bilfd with beige background

long hair with a dark brown finish and light brown strands with curls, dyed hair with glossy reflections, denim women's jacket in blue color

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