Dyed hair gray: Valuable advice and helpful care tips

Gray is the new blonde! The so-called "granny look", which was so popular last year, is still enjoying great popularity among women. However, any lady who wants to have their hair dyed gray should know some important things, as this is usually a complicated process that costs a lot of time and patience. What you should pay attention to, if you decide on this extraordinary hair color and how to properly care for your gray hair, we will inform you now.

Hair gray: the trend

hair dye gray, lady with brown t-shirt and colorful necklace

Earlier, the gray hairs became associated with age and the women tried to hide them. Nowadays, they are considered one of the hottest hair color trends for 2017. This modern color emphasizes the face and stands for many women, as it can be adapted to the skin's own tone. And that's not all - regardless of your own hair structure and length, he is a real eye-catcher, which ensures many jealous glances. Stars like Rihanna, Pink, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Zosia Mamet, Kate Moss and others. have already tried this cool hair color and maybe you'll agree with us that they look really phenomenal! If you fancy change and want to experiment with different colors and nuances, then the gray hair color is a great alternative for you. Very important here is that your hair is well-groomed and healthy. For example, if you wash your hair with shampoo every day or regularly use a straightener, curling iron and hair dryer, then the gray hair color may not be the best choice for you.

Dyeing hair gray: prepare hair for coloring

hair dyeing gray, woman with dew hair, putting hair up

To make the hair gray, they should first be lightened, which can damage them. Here are some important tips that will help protect your hair from possible damage:

  • Do not dye your hair for at least 2 months to prevent too much damage to your hair ends.
  • Use silicone-free shampoos and protein cures to repair and moisturize strained hair.
  • Let your hair cut one to two weeks before coloring.
  • Find the color that best suits your skin. For women with a warmer skin tone, the darker silver shades are better, while for women with a cooler skin tone, the lighter shades of gray are perfect.
  • Try the new hair color - try on some wigs or use gray hair spray to see how gray hair will look like.

The color process

Gray hair, lady with white braided blouse and sunglasses

The popular "Granny Look" is not easy to achieve in most cases. Any woman who wants to have their hair dyed gray should have time and patience first, especially if their hair is dark. To achieve the desired effect, the hair should be as light as possible, so they are first bleached. This is an aggressive procedure in which the color pigments are removed from the hair. Lightening damages the hair and dries it out, so make sure that you are really ready for this step. So that the yellow undertones are removed after bleaching, the hair is usually lightened again next. Only then is the gray color applied to the hair.

Coloring your hair is not easy. So that there are no bad surprises, we recommend that you do not dye your hair yourself but go to a professional hairdresser.

Care tips for gray hair

hair dyed gray, medium long gray curly hair, spotted black shirt

Of course, you should care for them properly so that the gray hair color lasts long and your hair looks beautiful. The hairstylists advise:

  • Brightening dries hair, so you often need to apply hair masks to moisturize. This is very important for your hair to be shiny and healthy.
  • Gray hair may turn yellowish over time. For this reason, you should special products such as silver shampoos u.a. to keep the color you want longer.
  • If your hair is growing fast, decide if you want to brush up on your hair color.
  • Have your hair cut regularly so that it does not become brittle.

Make-up for gray hair

lady with gray dress and medium-long, curly hair

You have already dyed your hair gray and you do not know how to make-up suitable? Here's some valuable advice: Because the gray hairs make the skin look pale, avoid the pastel shades and nude shades, and bet on fresh colors like pink, red, and peach that really make your face shine. Carefully apply shimmering products like Highlighter u. a. and if your eyebrows are light, accentuate them with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

The gray hair is a real eye-catcher!

hair dye gray, lady with long hair, many braids, dewy hairstyle

Cool pony hairstyle in Ombre look

hair dyed gray, long straight hair in black and gray, ombre effect

Silver hair with purple nuances

hair dyed gray, pink evening dress with crystals, horse black, long gray hair

The stars love the "Granny Look"

lady gaga, silver evening dress with sequins, long gray hair

No matter if your hair is smooth or curly - the gray hair color will look adorable!

Lady with a colorful blouse and high-necked curly hair, turban gray hair dye, short gray harre, butterfly tattoo on the upper arm

hair dyed gray, long smooth harre in black and gray, ombre effect

Everyday outfit, gray t-shirt, white bag, long gray curly hair

Do not the gray hair look really magical?

lady with brow eyes, black blouse and bob hairstyle, curly medium-long hair

Ellie goulding with black evening dress, long gray hair

pink, large round earrings with crystals, short gray hair

dark brown evening dress, wet look, straight gray hair

hair tint, gray curly hair, black evening dress with sequins

gray upturned hair, dame hairstyle and arm tattoo

Blonde hair with gray nuances

lady with white top and long gray-blond hair, bangs

hair sound, lady with black jacket and ponytail

hair tones, gray curly hair, big earrings with crystals

short bob hairstyle, woman with gray straight hair, dutt hairstyle


medium-length curly hair in gray and brown, hair tones

Dark gray with blue nuances

medium long dark gray curly hair, black sakko, hair tint

gray tint, white dress and black belt, medium long gray hair

gray tint, bob hairstyle, everyday hairstyle with braid, lady with black blouse

gray tint, short straight hair, lady with bob hairstyle

gray eyes maku-up, gray tint, curly long hair

Dreamlook in dark gray

gray tint, eyes maku-up in pink and gold, long straight hair

gray tint, medium long curly silver hair, black t-shirt

silver hair, short silver hair, big earrings

silver hair, long silver curly hair, golden headdress

long curly gray hair with black neck, silver hair

silver hair, long silver hair with black neck

lady with black blouse and braid with big braid

Silver hair with black neck

silver hair with black neck, black top and black skirt

black dress with moth, silver hair with black neck, natural make-up

silvery hair, long silver hair, black t-shirt

Dark gray hair with blue strands

brown hair gray dye, long bob hairstyle, white top

brown hair dyed gray, bob hairstyle in ombre look, green jacket

silver hair, white dress, feather tattoo, long curly hair

silvery hair, casual dutt hairstyle, beige blouse with blue geometric elements

brown hair dyed gray, lady with colorful blouse and long silvery hair

purple gray hair, casual bun hairstyle, beige braided blouse

purple gray hair, lady with frizzy hair, big braid, blue dress with sleeves

Brown hair combined with gray tips

brown hair dyed gray, gray spikes, pony hairstyle

gray hair, gray-blonde medium-long straight hair

brown hair dyed gray, long straight hair in ombre look

brown hair dyed gray, long bob hairstyle, curly hair

lady with natural make-up and long bob hairstyle

brown hair dyed gray, gray hair with black neck

brown hair dyed gray, bob hairstyle in ombre look, black hat

brown hair dyed gray, medium length curly hair, purple gray hair

brown hair dyed gray, bob hairstyle in obre look, gray spikes

lavender gray

purple gray hair, medium long hairstyle, evening make-up

brown hair gray dye, natural make-up, medium-long hairstyle

brown hair dyed gray, medium length hairstyle in ombre look

purple gray hair, lady with black blouse and short hairstyle

brown hair dyed gray, ombre effect, dark gray hair with light gray tips

brown hair gray dye, brown eye make-up and purple lipstick, bun hairstyle

brown hair dyed gray, medium-long hairstyle, silver hair with a black tip

brown hair gray dye, lady with braid hairstyle, dutt hairstyle with pigtails

Blonde hair with a brown neck and gray tips

brown hair with gray tips, ponytail, ombre effect

black shirt, gray hair, long curly silver hair

gray hair, rose tattoo on the upper arm, medium-length hairstyle in ombre look

gray hair, long dark gray hair with light gray tips, white t-shirt

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