Beard: Styling and care tips

Beard: Styling and care tips

beard is facial hair in men around the mouth, cheeks, and at the edge of the face under the ears (whiskers). This includes hair on the upper part of the neck under the chin.


elegantly dressed man with beard, helix piercing, brown coat, water

The whiskers are among the secondary male sex characteristics. It is an indication of high levels of testosterone (the hormone responsible for physical strength and increased libido in men) in the organism. From an evolutionary point of view, body hair played an important role in human life. According to cultural anthropologists, the beard was always a sign of male dominance. The facial hair served as a warning and to frighten the enemies. With a big beard the men looked much stronger and even terrible for the enemies in primitive times. The ample body and facial hair was a sign that a man was capable of protecting a woman. So it is also in the world of animals, e.g. among the lions with their impressive mane and the great apes, whose whole body is covered with hair. With their rich hair, they look even bigger and stronger than they are.

Beard: terrible or attractive?

Man in his thirties with beard, comb-over hairstyle, black hair

In many cultures the beard served as a sign of wisdom and power, it was still a mark of distinction for priests and kings. Even the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were distinguished by their subjects not only because of their clothes, but also because of the blue beard they wore. Undisputed is the fact that men with more facial hair appear even today more attractive to most women. From the evolutionary point of view, our affections do not seem to have changed much. It is deeply rooted in the female subconscious to recognize the hallmarks of masculinity and to search for them. What used to be considered appealing has some validity even today.

The beard is definitely attractive

George Clooney with beard on the red carpet, white shirt, black suit

Now, most of you are probably interested in how you maintain a full beard and which are the different full beard styles. Growing a full beard is not a difficult task. Just be patient and spend a little time on care. Each man's hair grows differently fast and tight. Some take longer than others to reach the desired length and shape. It is well known that the hair grows slower in some areas of the body. It can e.g. the hair on the chin and upper part of the neck grows faster than the hair around the mouth and cheeks. At sight, there is the feeling that the beard is unstructured.

Maintain full beard

thick beard, beard with electric razor and comb, woman with long nails

For this reason, regular trimming is also required during the growing season. That In the first place, you should get an electric razor. With the help of individual attachments or with the adjustment of the trimmer steps, you can easily and quickly shape your beard.

Here are some tips on how to get started and what care is required at the beginning:

After your beard has reached a certain length, you can start with the experiments. If you feel like it, you can style your beard in different forms. Which full beard styles are there?

1. The simple three-day beard

3-day beard care, blue T-shirt, man with red hair, mirror, razor

As you can see, this full beard style is quite simple. In order to have a nice 3-day beard, you simply do not need to shave your beard within 3 days. For such a short time, the potential differences in growth on the various facial areas remain unnoticeable. Then it's easy to keep the desired length with a trimmer.


Christian Bale with Hollywoodian, long curtain with blue and gold stripes

In order to achieve the perfectly groomed Hollywoodian look, it is necessary that you grow your beard for 3-4 weeks. Next comes the styling. For a Hollywood beard you should start with the hair in the upper part of the cheeks. Shave that part of your face by forming a line that stretches from the bottom of your ear to your chin. Very important for the Hollywoodian is that the sideburns in the beard do not go. Trim the hair in the upper part of your neck so that you define the contours of the jaw line. Depending on how tight your underside grows, you may also want to style it to define the two small spaces under your lower lip. Now you are done!

Famous Hollywood actors who like to wear the Hollywoodian are Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen and others.

To shape the contours:


orange facial hair, duck-tail with wavy mustache, pompadour hairstyle

The Ducktail is a beard style in which the hair on the sides are neatly shaped and slightly tipped on the chin. The density of the beard is a special factor if you want to have a really magnificent duck tail. This beard shape is more suitable for men with thick facial hair. If you have a light beard growth, it might be better if you opt for another full beard shape. Otherwise, you risk that your duck tail looks not so impressive, but rather unkempt look.

4.ZZ Beard

the three musicians from ZZ Top with blond hair, from head to toe in black

Do you know the rock legends ZZ Top? The rock dinosaurs did not happen to be given the name of one of the most popular styles of bartending. The imposing ZZ beard basically grows on its own. It's best to grow to the chest or even longer and tapered at the very end, combined with the appropriate clothes and dark sunglasses, he promises to attract everyone's attention.

Still some role models

Dutt hairstyle with fade, fade sideburns, curly beard, hair salon, barber cape black

Define strict contours

African American with bald shaved head, beard hairstyle with strict contours, blue barber cape

very short hair, fade cut with strictly defined contours, men's earring

curly hair with pompadour, curly mustache, shaved on the sides

Beard care and beard styling tools:

  • Beard oil: This will care for your beard carpet and thus ensure the fast and dense beard growth. An additional effect is that the individual hairs at the tips no longer split, and the whole beard gets a dull glow. The beard oils usually contain jojoba oil. Often the list is supplemented by hazelnut or argan oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil or grapeseed oil.
  • Bartwichse: While the beard oil strengthens the beard, the cum v. A. used for styling the mustache. So even the wildest mustache can be brought into shape. In addition to the essential oils that nourish the facial hair, beeswax and pine resin are contained in the cum.
  • Beard Pomade: thanks to the pomade, the moisture remains in the hair. In this way, the whiskers are always well fixed so that they do not attract. With it you can style your beard in the desired shape.

Make beard oil yourself

Hairstyles trends in 2018
In addition to the full beard, the following beard styles are also very popular among men:


David Beckham with musketeer, footballer, football championship


getting wild beard, face without wrinkles, sleeve tattoo, gray background

3.Fade beard trimming

4.Short beard

Fade cut with pompadour, short beard, poor beard growth, Bolin Barber

5.Blatt with beard

round nose, thick lips, bald with fade sideburns, gray corner, healthy skin

6.Comb-Over fade with beard

Fade with comb-over, park with big trees, small ears, straight nose

Interesting facts about the beard:

  • Men who wear a beard have fewer facial wrinkles on average than men who regularly shave their beards.
  • Blonde men have an accelerated beard growth unlike dark-haired men.
  • Studies show that men with beard are treated with more respect.
  • Hans Nielsen Langseth holds the record for the longest measured beard in the world at 5, 33 meters.

Blonde with dark blue clothes, modern car, grass, road, sunshine

Styling hair with Gell, long hairstyle long back short, face with liver spots

slightly graying hair, winter landscape, park, trees with snow, black shirt

Round nose, thick black eyebrows, Halstattoo, face tattoo

Man of Turkish descent wearing a sunhat, a large building

Blonde with long hair and blue eyes, hair on the chest, necklace

Chris Hemsworth with long blond hair and black beard at an event

Beard Freestyle

Style beard with pomade, jacket with many badges, shirt without collar

Other beard styles:


Kanye West with Henriquatre on an official occasion, blue poster, white wall


Mustache with pomade style, chin with depression in the middle, old picture


Man with Flesh Piercing and long whiskers, T-shirt with V-neck


blond teenager with curly hair and sideburns, open air event in the park


Robert Downey Jr. with Anchor Beard, Pointed Hair, Black Background

Chin Puff (with Mustache)

Chin Puff with mustache, photo collage in black and white, three young men


Craig David with a short beard at the edge of his face, dark gray hat, closed eyes

French fork

French Fork style, blouse with stripes, yellow wallpaper, round nose, uncombed hair

Rap industry standard

Rap industry standard, African American with a pointed face, big eyes

Sparrow Beard

Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Johny Depp with two beard pigtails, Caribbean Sea


American musician Frank Zappa with curly medium-length hair and a gray shirt

Wall Ross Beard

Jamie Hyneman with black cap and oval glasses, parking, MythBusters experiments

Victor Emanuel Bart

snow-white background, mustache with curly tips, gray eyes

Schifferkrause (with Mustache)

Building with big windows, red hair, blue tie with white stripes

Fu Manchu

Dr. Fu Manchu with a long mustache in a room with yellow light

green plaid shirt, comb-over haircut, almond eyes, green door, brick building

graying hair, severe look, big forehead, long hair on the arm

colorful eyes, down jacket with hood in olive green, cotton sweater

attractive man with breast tattoos, black long beard, star tattoo, tan tattoo

Man with big muscles, bald head, three-day beard, terrible look

loose style of clothing in men, dirty hair, silver bracelet, necklaces

Brillantine, hair care product, hair oil, big ears, gray wall, reddish facial hair

medium length light brown haired blue shirt with white buttons, glasses with black frame

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