61 modern short hairstyles for women with style

Today we show you many good ideas for practical and modern short hairstyles. You want to save time and nerves, but still look great every day? Then you are exactly right with us! Whether casual or elegant, here you will find suggestions for every occasion and every taste. The short hair cuts are styled quickly and easily, emphasize the face and look fresh and playful. Among all short hairstyles we have three big favorites that never go out of fashion.

  1. A true classic that suits almost every woman - the bob cut. There are no limits to the bob hairstyles. You decide whether shorter or longer, with or without bangs, curly or smooth. The favorite hairstyle of the style icon Victoria Beckham is guaranteed to be a perfect summer 2017 selection.
  2. The pixie cut Also fits any hair type and can be styled in numerous ways. The hallmark of Halle Berry will certainly save you a lot of time in front of the mirror and emphasize your facial features. Think about which pixie cut suits you best - raspy short, with a long bangs, combed to the side, wildly up ... In our gallery you can enjoy the variety of pixi cuts and find the ideal variant.
  3. The page cut is our third favorite. This hairstyle looks fresh and at the same time retro, gives femininity and elegance. The most common is the smooth page cut, combined with pony. But there are many other versions that are often seen on the red carpet. The page cut fits best to oval faces.

If you have not decided on a short hairstyle yet, have a look at the pictures in our gallery. We have collected 61 fresh ideas for you, which are perfect for the coming summer.

Modern short hairstyles: Victoria Beckham with bobsleigh cut

The fashion icon Victoria Beckham, black straight hair, Bobschnitt, front long, short behind

Pixie-cut wild up: the hallmark of Halle Berry

Halle Berry, ideas for short hairstyles, style and care for short hair


Pagenschnitt with pony, a fresh idea for the summer, Kurzhaarfrisur

Bob hairstyle with bangs

Taylor Swift, over-long bobcut with bangs, elegant curls, dark blond hair

A gorgeous wedding hairstyle for curly hair

Short hairstyle for special occasions, curls styling, chin-length haircut, wedding hairstyle

Kaley Cuoco with chin-length hair

Kaley Cuoco, chin-length haircut, blond hair, ideas for great short hairstyles

Short shaved pages to long coat hair

Scarlett Johansson, modern short hairstyles, shaved sides, blonde hair, attractive look

Casual and super fresh

Chelsea Kane, short hairstyle with curls, blond hair, gorgeous hairstyle for every occasion

Another nice idea from Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Kane, blonde straight hair, short hairstyle with bangs, look stylish and attractive

Anne Hathaway looks radiant with Pixie-Cut

Anne Hathaway, ideas for modern short hairstyles, black straight hair, great haircut with bangs

Red Bob Hairstyle

Emma Stone, over length cut bob, red hair, ideas for short hairstyles

Style hair to the back

Elisabeth Debicki, ideas for hairstyles, blonde straight hair, stylish haircut

Short hairstyle with blond strands - the perfect look for the summer

Emma Watson, ideas for modern short hairstyles, blond strands, auburn hair, practical haircut

Simply style with hair gel

Natalie Portman, hair styling short hair, practical hairstyle, black hair

Natalie Portman, hair styling short hair, modern short hairstyle, black hair

Retro styling

Reese Witherspoon, elegant vintage hairstyle, blonde hair, chin-length bob

Feminine work

Short hairstyles for curly hair, black hair, short haircut, curls styling

Simple and stylish evening hairstyles

Sofia Vergara, straight black hair, elegant short hairstyle for ladies with style

Ideas for short hairstyles, chin-length cut bob, dark blond hair

chin-length haircut, black straight hair, short hairstyle for every occasion

The short hairstyles beautifully emphasize the facial features

great lady hairstyle, blonde straight hair, long haircut, practical and beautiful

Keira Knightley, short haircut, styling short hair, always looking good

Short hairstyles for curly hair, styling curls properly, Ginnifer Goodwin, great haircut

With these haircuts you will not go unnoticed!

extravagant short hairstyle, shaved sides, blond hair, great haircut

Short hairstyles for women, dark hair purple dye, great and attractive haircut

Long ponies are super attractive

modern short hairstyles with long pony, blonde straight hair, attractive look

Emeli Sande, attractive short hairstyle, blonde straight hair, longer front, short back

Over-shouldered hair

Anne Hathaway, over-long black hair, elegant women's hairstyle for every occasion

Overly long haircut, black curly hair, cool look for every day

Rihanna: The hairstyle chameleon

Rihanna, black straight hair, modern short hairstyle with a long bangs

Suggestions for everyday life

modern short hairstyles for curly hair, beautiful everyday hairstyle, taming curls, black hair

Short haircut with bangs, black hair, modern look, dyeing hair

Lily Collins, ideas for modern short hairstyles, straight auburn hair, longer front, short back

A lot of inspiration from Victoria Beckham

Chin length cut bob, Victoria Beckham, front long, short back, smooth chestnut hair

Voctoria Beckham, chin-length cut bob, long front, short back, black straight hair

Short hairstyles do not look elegant? We do not agree with that!

chin-length haircut, smooth auburn hair, elegant hairstyle for short hair

Scarlett Johansson, great short hairstyle, blond strands, short haircut with bangs, straight hair

Natalie Portman, ideas for modern short hairstyles, practical haircut, straight hair

Kaley Cuoco, straight blond hair, short hairstyle with bangs, great and practical haircut

The style of Emma Watson inspires thousands of girls

Emma Watson, great short hairstyle with curls, chestnut hair, over-long haircut

Emma Watson, chestnut straight hair, chin-length cut bob, ideas for short hairstyles

Summer 2017

Ladies short hairstyles for curly hair, over-long haircut, black hair

Chin length cut bob, long front, short back, chestnut hair

Short hairstyle for women, beautiful and practical, smooth black hair, ideas for haircuts

Elisabeth Debicki, ideas for stylish hairstyles, blonde straight hair

Easy to style

chin-length black hair, ideas for modern short hairstyles, practical and elegant

Ideas for modern short hairstyles with bangs, straight black hair, practical haircut

Natalie Portmann, over-length haircut, chestnut hair, stylish hairstyle

Short hairstyle and eye-catching accessories: the perfect combination

modern short hairstyles, short haircut with bangs, blonde straight hair

Ginnifer Goodwin, smooth black hair, practical and elegant short hairstyle

Jessica Alba, short haircut with a long bangs, smooth auburn hair, attractive look

Taylor Swift, chin-length bob with bangs, chestnut hair

A few great suggestions

straight auburn hair, short hairstyles for official occasions, bob, chin-length haircut

Demi Lovato, chin-length black hair, practical and beautiful hairstyle for every occasion

chin-length auburn hair, Leighton Meester, practical and stylish hairstyle, straight hair

Lily Collins, auburn hair, modern short hairstyle, ideas for great women's haircuts

Chelsea Kane, blonde straight hair, super beautiful short hair with bangs

Halle Berry, modern short hairstyles for women, short hair style, great haircut

Natalie Portman, ideas for modern short hairstyles, black hair, practical haircut

Short hairstyles for women, effective haircut, black hair

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