The most famous Ibiza beaches – 37 fantastic pictures

The most famous Ibiza beaches – 37 fantastic pictures

Ibiza is located in Catalonia, Spain. The island is mostly known for the cool noisy parties. You can make your holiday there, have a good time and meet other young people. You can visit the famous Café del Mar Bar to hear the latest chill out sets and enjoy the beautiful sunset. There are also many other bars where you can listen to electronic music and have the opportunity to attend the parties of some of the most famous DJs in the world. Among these bars are Privilege, Es Paradis, Amnesia, Pacha, Space, Eden, DC10. Apart from the clubs where you can dance and drink all night, there are also many attractions in Ibiza, such as "The Finger of God" in Benirras Bay.

The nature in Ibiza is just gorgeous. The almond blossom looks very romantic in spring. The Mediterranean climate predisposes a good mood and a long season. However, summer is the hottest in July and August and attracts many young people to the center of entertainment. Most events happen in the island's two largest cities - Ibiza and San Antonio.

One of the best Ibiza beaches is Aigua Blanques, whose name comes from the white foam that forms in the water. Aigua Blanques is also a nudist beach. In Cala Bassa you can swim in the stone pools. Cala Xarraca offers scuba diving and mud bath. Cala Benirras is known for its evening entertainment and drummers, in Cala Conta you can hire a paddle boat and Cala d'Hort is part of the national park. Cala Vandella is suitable for families and impresses with the magical white sand. Sa Caleta beach is a bit atypical with its red sandstone cliffs. In Cala Jondal you can sunbathe undisturbed and in San Antonio you can watch the sunset in one of the many beach bars. Everyone who Ibiza beaches  has its own charm and its exoticism. But you can not miss any of them.

Ibiza beaches are exotic and very beautiful

Ibiza beaches-resized

Ibiza beaches with beautiful nature and turquoise waters

Ibiza beaches-Spain-resized

Cala Conta is one of the most beautiful and famous Ibiza beaches

Cala Conta-Ibiza-resized

Many world-famous DJs visit the beaches of Ibiza and make unique parties

Ibiza beaches Cool Parties resized

Café del Mar - Chill out music and endless sunsets Cafe-del-Mar-resized

Cala Bassa in all its beauty

Cala Bassa Beach-resized

Cala de Portinatx in Ibiza is pretty quiet  Cala de Portinatx Ibiza-resized

San Antonio is known for the breathtaking sunset over the city Sunset-over-San-Antonio-resized

fantastic sunset over Benirras Beach Benirras Beach-resized

Cala Conta beach is among the top 10 Ibiza beaches Cala Conta-Beach-Ibiza-resized

Cala de Potinatx-Ibiza-resized

Cala Salada Beach-resized

Cala Salada Ibiza-resized

Cala Vadella-Beach-Ibiza-resized

Cala Vadella Ibiza-resized

Cala Xarraca-Ibiza-resized


cool-Ibiza beaches-resized

one-of-Ibiza beaches-resized

endless sea-in-Ibiza-resized

Exotic-Ibiza beaches-resized


exotic vacation-in-Ibiza-resized


Ibiza Party resized

Ibiza view-resized

Ibiza Beaches-Cala Xarraca-resized


modernist hotel room in Ibiza-resized

Sa-Caleta Beach-resized



San-Antonio-Ibiza Sunset resized

beautiful sunset-in-Ibiza-resized


beautiful view-of-Ibiza-resized


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