Popular travel destinations in Germany – 15 major cities to visit

When it comes to holidays, people always start to think of different destinations like other continents and islands. There are actually a variety of tourist agencies and deals for traveling to exotic, undiscovered places. But before you undertake such a journey, you should first ask yourself: "Do I know my own country so well?" If not - then they are exactly right with us. Here are 15 popular destinations in Germany to find and namely the big cities, which attract innumerable tourists and locals from all over Germany every year.

Popular travel destinations in Germany - culture, nature, history and much more ...

popular travel destinations in germany a nice picture of stuttgart baden würtemberg photos nature photos pictures

Of course, you will start with Berlin and Munich to continue the classification with cities such as Münster and Aachen. We selected the best of the cities for you and gave you our personal tips. However, there are many things to see and if you are lucky enough to spend a few days in one or more of these cities then you should definitely make the most of your time. The best way to get to know locals and to get advice from them is worth it because they know the hometown best. If not, you can also do specially organized city tours with tour guides - on foot, by bus or by bike and in some cities it would even be possible to take a sightseeing flight over the city.

1. Berlin

most popular travel destinations in germany berlin the capital of every country is the first one to visit

The capital of Germany attracts millions of visitors every year. It offers a lot of attractions, several cultural events, tourist attractions and above all a magical atmosphere. Whether you are traveling on business or simply taking advantage of your free time to travel, we recommend you visit one of the several concerts or some DJ parties in Berlin. There are bands, singers and events for people of all ages and tastes - take the opportunity to meet some of the world's most famous music stars. You can also visit the fascinating sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the East Side Gallery, the Museum Island, GDR, Jewish or espionage museum. The zoo and the Reichstag are also worth a visit, and if you long for beautiful views of the city, we recommend the TV tower and the Potsdamer Platz panorama point.

The Town Hall - a building that is one of the world's most famous "must see" places

most popular travel destinations in german capital berlin visit the building of the city hall glass building city hall

The magic museum of Berlin

most popular travel destinations museum of magic germany sights in berlin book fireplace teapot antiquated antique things

View to the TV tower

most popular travel destinations berlin germany view from a highpoint idea television view and admire

Friedrichstadt Palace

most popular travel destinations in europe and worldwide berlin the capital of germany a concert hall with enchanting lighting

Popular travel destinations in Germany

most popular travel destinations to visit a trip to germany companies to visit the capital worth seeing

Segway Berlin Tour: why not - that would be an attractive offer

most popular travel destinations in europe and germany berlin a city tour with segway modern people youth

A Berlin Guide (in English)

2. Munich

travel destinations which fascinate a munich the capital of bavaria nice picture from the center of the city in spring

The state capital of Bavaria is much more than the stereotypes about the city say. In addition to Oktoberfest, sausages and beer, there are a variety of attractions, enchanting views and parks that attract tourists as well as locals. Munich is a place where history and modernity intertwine and form the unforgettable ambience of the city. In addition to the famous cultural monuments such as Frauenkirche, Nymphenburg Palace or the residence, which is Germany's largest inner city palace, you can still visit modern sights in Munich. Such as the Olympic Park, Alianz Arena and the BMW Museum. After the city tour you can learn more about the nightlife of the city. Among the best clubs we would like to visit again are P1, Gecko and Bayrischer Hof Nightclub. But if you do not like them much, there are several other bars and discos nearby. Have fun in Munich!

Nymphenburg Palace - one of the fascinating rooms in the building

popular travel destinations in dl germany second largest city in germany bavaria munich museum nymphenburg palace visit hall indoors

An infinite staircase - creativity is highly valued in Germany

Travel destinations to visit and enjoy architecture monuments to fascinate modern art infinite trelle or ladder

The German cities are popular destinations for the Oktoberfest

travel destinations in october munich visit a tour of germany companies beautiful views

Immerse yourself in the BMW world - German quality

popular travel destinations bmw museum bmw tower modern architecture and technologies autobau germany best cars of the world car automobile bawarian motor car

Preparation for the visit in Munich - that's to be expected: 

3. Frankfurt - a mega city

travel destinations megapolis to visit megastadt frankfurt am main the capital of money modern city architecture

The hometown of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe offers several attractive activities during the journey. A variety of sights and events, as well as city tours provide the interesting experiences of the curious tourists. If you live in Frankfurt or nearby, you can still buy MuseumsuferCard or Naturpass, which gives you access to a number of sights for a year. On the city page you will find these and other attractive offers. Experience the unique atmosphere of the Main metropolis. And of course the nightlife: you should definitely visit the best party of the month, if you are in Frankfurt at the right time. It is unique, fancy and the place offers such a cool view over the city ... For the fans of Latino rhythms our team recommends Changó Latin Palace.

Popular destinations in Germany - immerse yourself in the flair of Frankfurt


The so-called "Elbflorenz"

travel destinations with history and modern buildings and monuments to visit financial center of germany and europe old bridge over the river beautiful lighting in the city frankfurt main

The Old Opera

Destinations that fascinate you Frankfurt am Main Europe's financial center is also the culture and history of the old opera buildings

The financial center

popular travel destinations in germany frankfurt finance world banks modern buildings photographed by the water beautiful views

4. Hamburg

popular holiday destinations the hansestadt hamburg fascinating views in the city harbor city lake sea north sea

Hanseatic city of Hamburg did not fascinate only this one who has not been there yet. And that is not exactly sure! Surrounded by the huge scale of the city you will feel like in a fairytale. We would advise you to visit Hamburg at Christmas time, because then the magical ambience of the city is even stronger. Otherwise, you could visit the harbor at any time, the beautiful Town Hall buildings and the charming little and larger restaurants and shops. There you can enjoy city tour on foot, by bus or even on the water. But if you want more adventurous experiences, there is also a sightseeing flight that allows you to see the city from a different perspective. Adventure on the mainland offers the popular Reeperbahn street.

The harbor of Hamburg

popular holiday destinations across Europe hamburg, germany picture from hamburger harbor beauty modernity and history

The town hall

popular destinations germany hamburg europe world harbor and city hall outlook boat in the river

The Hanseatic cities are also popular travel destinations in Germany 

popular holiday destinations hamburg germany neustadt building lighting beautiful architecture in hamburg

Popular travel destinations to visit - go for a walk in Hamburg to feel the unique flair of the city

popular holiday destinations on the streets of hamburg idea lighting trees trees sunset hamburg in spring

5. Dusseldorf

most popular holiday destinations the sun shines over düsseldorf river böude island in the river bridge

Dusseldorf is home to more than 180 nations, each of which has its own stamp on the city. Every year, various festivals and festivals are organized to introduce these cultures to locals and tourists alike. But if you prefer something sublime events, there are also several options: Tanzhaus, German Opera on the Rhine, several art galleries and museums are the curious city visitors available. If you decide to visit the city, you should definitely visit the Old Town, the Königsallee and the Media Harbor - they are among the most popular places in Dusseldorf and this is not by chance.

A fascinating city

most popular holiday destinations magical moments in düsseldorf a fascinating german city in the evening lighting

The creative architecture of Dusseldorf - one of the reasons why this city is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany

most popular destinations harbor of düsseldorf ideas moonlight fascinating pictures of düsseldorf nrw germany

The Tonhalle

most popular holiday destinations tonhalle konzertsall in dusseldorf germany germany images ideas music event

Fairytale winter in Germany

most popular holiday destinations christmas market in the day beautiful former pictures of dusseldorf winter in germany

6. Cologne

best holiday destinations to visit in germany ideas bridge the kölner dom middle ages skyscraper building fascinating

Everyone who hears the name of "Köln" thinks of the medieval skyscraper - the Cologne Cathedral. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with its 157.38 meters is the third highest church building in the world. But this is just one of several interesting buildings and places in Cologne. What we would recommend here is to visit the city during Christmas time, or at the end of February, when the Cologne carnival begins. In both cases, you get into an incredibly great festive atmosphere, which gives the city further charm. At any other time, you can also visit Cologne and discover other sights of the most beautiful city on the Rhine - catch the historic old town to end the day trip later with an interesting and delicious visit to the Chocolate Museum. Have fun!

The festive season of the carnival starts every year in February

best holiday destinations in february cologne kölner carnival germany clowns au cologne festival flowers colors festive mood people with costumes

Pictures from Cologne

cologne is one of the best cities for having colorful homes blue orange beautiful ideas

Authentic lighting of the bridge and the cathedral - an evening in Cologne

best holiday destinations the bridge and in the background of Cologne Cathedral evening pictures beautiful lighting ideas

7. Bremen

top 10 cities to visit in germany bremen bremer harbor bremer city musician image monument idea

One of the most beautiful and world-famous cities in Germany is Bremen. The Bremen Town Musicians - one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time are certainly the cause. Your statue in the center of Bremen is still one of the attractions for all tourists. But that should not be an obstacle for you to see more cultural treasures of the city. If you turn up in Bremen, it is worthwhile to visit the following sights:

  1. St. Peter's Cathedral - built in the 11th century, therefore it contains a lot of history and culture from the former times
  2. The Rhododendron Park and Mill on the Wall - a beautiful place for walks
  3. German Maritime Museum
  4. Bremen market square - there you will also find several other attractions of Bremen - we let you discover these beauties yourself
  5. Böttcherstrasse - 100 meters long street, which is one of the main attractions of the city

The free market of Bremen - a place that you should experience and feel yourself

top 10 places to visit in germany everyone should visit the free market of bremen in winter christmas market idea

The Bremen harbor

top 10 best harbor in germany hamburg düsseldorf bremen lübeck and others

In the center of Bremen, you feel like a teammate in a magical fairytale

top 10 best cities in germany bremen bremer center marketplace dom city hall cafe shops

The old town of Bremen offers several attractions - a walk there is worthwhile

top 10 old towns to visit ideas walk in bremen make building architecture ideas

A fairytale city


8. Dresden

beautiful holiday destinations in germany zwinger picture gallery art gallery in germany

Dresden, still called "Elbflorenz", annually attracts several tourists from Germany and the world. It is a city to fall in love with - art and culture, history and modernity. On the official website of Dresden you will find detailed information for people who want to organize their own travel. From cheap accommodation, attractions, cultural events, even business and city government you will find there. We highly recommend to visit the following sights in the city: Semperoper, Frauenkirche and Neumarkt, the Fürstenzug, which leads you from Neumarkt to Schlossplatz, the Residenzschloss. Next you should see Zwinger during a stay in Dresden - work of art of architecture, sculpture and painting from the late Baroque. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the landmarks of the city - the bridge called the "Blue Wonder". In our opinion, you would have one of the best views of the city from the dome up Frauenkirche. Enjoy your time in Dresden!

Dresden's popular travel destinations - city center

beautiful holiday destinations in germany dresden images center beautiful architecture ideas


beautiful holiday destinations in germany culture and art center city dresden ideas evening illumination

beautiful holiday destinations in the evening monument evening lighting in the city center center ideas

9. Stuttgart

beautiful holiday resort in germany and europe city center of stuttgart garden in front of the castle

The Palace Square, the City Library, Solitude Castle, funerary chapel on the Württemberg, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums - you should visit all these places worth seeing, if you plan to travel to Stuttgart or accidentally through the city. Take the opportunity to take a walk in the castle garden or to go shopping on Königstraße. For enthusiasts can be found in Stuttgart still a nice museum of pigs - seems for a few really attractive, but is a rarity, which can only be found here. Discover the wonderful facets of Stuttgart and share your experiences with us!

Enjoy the futuristic architecture of the city

beautiful holiday style modern architecture in Stuttgart Baden Würtemberg Germany

Culture, history and old architecture are represented by this castle in the middle of the city 

beautiful holiday in germany a castle in the middle of the city is this landmark idea

The Christmas markets throughout Germany bring a charming flair and look so magical 

beautiful holiday a winter fairytale winter in stuttgart christmas market germany

Let yourself be enchanted by this declaration of love to Stuttgart


10. Nuremberg

the most beautiful holiday destinations germany nürnberg bavaria and its architecture pink house fresh flair in the city

As a tourist, you are naturally expected to visit the most famous places and sights in a city. Such in Nuremberg are: Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Kaiserburg Nürmberg, the former Reichsparteigelände, Frauenkirche and several others, which you can discover on the official website of Nürmberg. But if you want to feel more like a local in the city and not as foreign as a tourist, then you should continue to read the Nuremberg Guide. Our team wishes you unforgettable moments in this romantic and charming city!

Harmony, peace and beauty

the most beautiful holiday destinations in germany, bavaria trees building nature and architecture at once

Popular travel destinations in Bavaria, Germany

the most beautiful holiday destinations in bavaria, germany river and buildings in the river or over bridge autumn trees in yellow orange and green

the most beautiful holiday destinations with interesting activities bicycle show in the center of nuremberg germany extreme sports

the most beautiful destinations nuremberg and the area visit green plants and buildings bridge across the river

11. Bonn

cheap travel destinations germany river bridge ship sun water ideas to fascinate the sun over bonn

Bonn is one of the 20 largest cities and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany because it has a totally fascinating effect on visitors. Bonn used to be the legal seat of government of the Federal Republic and since 1951 the city has also been the seat of the United Nations. With its rich history, which looks back more than 2000 years back in the past, the city has a lot to see. The special atmosphere attracted and still attracts innumerable visitors from all over the world. Here are some of the places worth seeing in Bonn: the Beethoven House, the old Town Hall, House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany, Botanical Gardens of the University of Bonn, Bonn Minster. Here you can find more detailed information about the activities that could be done in the city.

The city in 1900 - lively and modern for those times

cheap travel destinations the history of bonn on a picture photo from the year 1900 carriage in the center of bonn

A "must see" castle that offers incredible views over the city

cheap travel destinations the castle on the hill over the city of bonn in any case visit must see places of interest in germany

The fascinating university building of Bonn at sunset ...

cheap travel destinations in germany the enchanting architecture and nature of the country university bonn unigebäude colorful clouds above

... and in the evening, surrounded by shining lights

cheap travel destinations the beautifully lit buildings of bonn bonn attractions in germany

12. Leipzig

vacation destinations europe the city center of Leipzig nice picture from above lighting in the evening lights

Leipzig is a phenomenal city, where old and modern architecture mix very finely. Examples of amazing buildings are Nikolaikirche, the university, the old town hall on the market square. But that's not all the city has to offer. Outside of Leipzig rises the Monument to the Battle of the Nations - from there opens up a view of Leipzig and the surrounding area. Enjoy them by climbing the tower. On a trip, you can also rent a canoe and discover more adventurous experiences in the middle of the city. Enjoy your visit to one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany.

December is a wonderful time to visit Germany and its Christmas markets 

holiday destinations europe leipzig december in germany christmas market mulled wine weihnachtsbaum rathaus zentrum

It is worth climbing the roofs of the city to photograph the incredibly beautiful views of Leipzig - a picture of the photographer Pholipp Kirschner 

vacation destinations europe germany leipzig enchanting city photos boarding canopies early in the morning

Visiting Leipzig and not the Porsche Center there would be a shame 

holiday destinations europe porsche center germany leipzig must see in germany car fans

13. Hannover

the most beautiful places in the world hannover images to charm an incredible building castle with bathers climb garden park lake

The first association that I personally make with Hanover is the new city hall, which is particularly impressive. What is even more fascinating about it is the 94 meter high dome of the landmark - it offers a unique view over the whole city. After you visit Herrenhäuser Garten and do a shopping tour through the city, we recommend that you relax later at the Maschsee. Do not miss the nightlife of the city. Because of the universities and colleges in the city and its surroundings there are a lot of students and young people in general in Hannover, who like to talk in the discos. It would not be boring for a visitor to the city.

Hannover - popular travel destinations in Germany

the most beautiful places in the world hannover seen from above beautiful views pber the city

Herrenhausen Gardens

the most beautiful places in the world hanover Hannover attractions mansion gardens

On the streets of Hannover - fascinating architecture

The most beautiful places of world architecture in the city of Hannover Old buildings

A day in Hannover

14. Minster

Anyone who proves once in Münster should definitely go cycling. A normal job that many people do everyday. In Münster there are more bicycles than the inhabitants - for this reason they have become a symbol of the city. By bike you should definitely reach Prinzipalmarkt - an architectural treasure in the city center, on to Rathaus, Friedenssaal, Stadtweinhaus and Lambertikirche. Particularly worth seeing is Münster's Stadtschloss, which is also used today as a university building. Anyone who is a fan of delicacies should stop by at the old Gasthaus Leve - there you can taste delicious West-German specialties and experience a little more of the nice atmosphere of the city.

The city center of the city

The modern part of the city

The University 

15. Aachen

Although this city (because of its smaller size in comparison to the rest here) is the last one, it is one of our most beloved. This is due to its excellent, even strategic location - in the border area between 3 countries - Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our friends from the Jolly&Luke Blog have taken the trouble to provide several useful info for tourists. There you can find out in advance what to do in the city. In any case, you could combine the trip to Aachen with visits from the Netherlands and Belgium.

The center of the city 

Popular travel destinations throughout Europe

Germany has a fairly wide area, on which many natural beauties, as well as historical, art and cultural monuments are. In every city and in almost every village there is something special and it would be a pity, if we Germans do not know our country well. Did we spark interest? Then here is our last piece of advice: Take at least a week off and do it alone, with friends or with the family a tour in the home. Popular destinations in Germany are not only the ones mentioned above, but also many other small towns such as Füssen, Rügen, Bamberg, Hildesheim, Lübeck and others. Once you start, it is difficult to stop this tour and you want to discover and know more about your own country. This is also valid for tourists and foreigners because the beauty of another country enriches one. As I said, the journey is the only thing you buy and make a rich one.

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