Design cat furniture for good cats!

Design cat furniture for good cats!


Sleep, eat and play with a ball. It's easy to be a cat ... yes! It's even easier with the new design cat furniture. See what suggestions designers have invented for their pets. Creative, original and super functional. Furniture that is comfortable for you and for your cat or cats at the same time. Sofas with tubes, cat beds, cabinets with a special "Katzenplatz" and many more innovative ideas can be found here, collected from the world trends.

Design cat furniture for good cats!

design-furniture cat-chair

Design cat furniture "in the box"

There is an old joke ... How can you catch a cat? The answer ... It is necessary that you have only one single box. Open the box, place it on the floor and the other is just waiting. You will see your cat demonstratively slip into the box and sit. No matter how tall she is, no matter which breed. The truth is that this subject is well known to all cat owners and they can admit with a smile that the method written above will still work and will always work. The cats just love all sorts of boxes, bags, boxes and other spaces where they could put their curious little mouths.

design-furniture cat-work-with-your-cat

design-furniture cat-chuchu-ny-desk

design-furniture cat-diy-cat-hotel-green

design-furniture cat-Imgur

design-furniture cat-mashable

Design cat furniture scratching posts

Listening to a cat makes it impossible to avoid the moment when you imagine some brutal scratching scenes. Yes, cats like to destroy your furniture, you think. No! They just follow their nature, scratching is part of it. If you do not want a disaster at home, you need a scratching furniture that will divert your cat's attention from the furniture. Many companies offer creative design choices that prove to be stable and functional. In addition, they are designed so that you are comfortable for the cats on the one hand and fit on the other hand, your main facility. Very current here are the so-called cat trees, which can be found on the market with different models and prices.

design-furniture cat-scratch set

design-furniture cat-catsplay-house

design-furniture cat-rarissima

Design cat furniture for cats who like to sleep

Provide your cat with a private bed. She will appreciate it!

design-furniture cat-own-bedded

design-furniture cat-cat-on

design-furniture cat-and-white CatsTrapeze

design-furniture cat-cherrific-house

design-furniture cat-green-house-hanging

design-furniture cat-hammock

design-furniture cat-house panthers

design-furniture cat-hj-mews-furniture

design-furniture cat-chair-with-surprise

design-furniture cat-kek-cat-house-

design-furniture cat-adhesive

design-furniture cat-scratch tree

design-furniture cat-house creative

design-furniture cat-lushome

design cat furniture armchair (2)

design-furniture cat-sweet-homey-closed

design-furniture cat-and-white

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