Building a house – striking ideas for exterior and interior design

Building a house – striking ideas for exterior and interior design

The Italian and Greek architecture has brought to many inspirational ideas in home design. You still develop these ideas and create creative masterpieces. An example is the house pillars. They can be an important part of both exterior and interior design. A house with impressive features will astonish you and speak of luxury and elegance.
Therefore, we want to present interesting pillar designs for interior and exterior architecture. If you want to collect inspirational house building ideas, then take a look at our suggestions.

White columns in front of the back doors for cozy atmosphere

Warm atmosphere in the house through beautiful columns

Two grand pillars can accentuate the rear doors. That makes the room look classic. You only need a few decorative elements and you already have an aesthetic apartment.

Exterior architecture with eight striking columns

Eight pillar for the exterior architecture of the houseIt is super nice, what a friendly feeling these pillars awaken - as if they greeted the coming guest.

Rustic models of column-right eye-catchers!

House building idea for interesting interior designWho says house pillars should be white? Not necessary! Notice how dark and rustic these look! And yet, they are real eye-catchers in every house.

Asian style in the house by pillars of wood

Wooden pillars for Asian atmosphere in the house

If you want to furnish the exterior architecture of the house in Asian style, you can trust in such pillars. They create an enchanting atmosphere.

Luxury bathroom with modern interior design

Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom through beautiful columnsYour beautiful bathroom has a bathtub? That's great. Here we have an interesting proposal for the interior design of the bathroom - two charming columns in front of the bathtub. Give yourself the feeling of luxury and experience quiet moments in your home!

White columns for room layout and for a friendly atmosphere

Distribution of the living room by white columnsYou can use house columns as a partition for rooms. As it is for example with this living room.

 Original interior design with white "half columns"

Interesting pillars for modern interior design of the kitchenTo build a house creatively, you need striking ideas. Look at this kitchen. Here you have built up half of the column. A very original idea that refreshes the design of the room.

Interesting and extravagant idea for built-in columns

Built-in columns and beautiful color combination for interior design of the houseIf the columns are in the right color, you can install them directly in the wall.

Broad hall with unique interior design

Hallway with columns as an original idea for home buildingThe best way to greet new guests when they come in is to equip two pillars in the house hall. You will immediately catch the eye! Such interior design always speaks of class and elegance.

Nice design for kitchen with acidic wood

Wooden pillars and creative decor in the roomTake a look at our other ideas, take one and they will furnish your house in a nice and modern way!

Building house - classic exterior architecture and beautiful environment

Perfect exterior architecture and beautiful environment for house building

Design of a living room with stone columns

Billiard table and stone columns as creative ideas for house building

Building house tips for striking exterior architecture

Original interior design and five pillars for an innovative home design

Bright room with modern columns and chic furniture

Nicely decorated living room with white columns - an example of house building

Wooden pillars in the living room for fun atmosphere

Original furniture in the house with columns made of wood

Creatively furnished guest rooms with a modern design

House model with white columns and striking interior design

White columns and simple lighting for a cozy apartment

Living room with interesting white columns and light lighting

White pillar at the entrance of the house - simple and beautiful

House entrance with a simple column model

Class columns made of wood - suitable for Küchenausstattung

Wooden pillars in the kitchen

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