Terrace roofing: Useful planning aids

You are a house or terrace owner and you are interested in Terrace roofs? In that case, you can get a rough overview the most important points in the planning of a canopy. Curious?

Patio shelters: Nice and useful

Freestanding canopy-alu-house-facade

First, one should decide in what way to attach the canopy to the house or balcony. The most popular fixture variant is a terrace canopy with partial closure at the house. In this case, a stable masonry should be present, because it is usually power transmission from patio roof to the house wall. The second type of assembly, which is mostly used, is the freestanding construction. In this type of assembly, the roof is probably free and thus you can put it anywhere. In the event that you are considering those, you should still consider the possibility that rainwater can run between the pergola canopy and the house wall. Finally, the so-called roof-mounted installation occurs. In this variant, the attachment occurs directly on rafters and roof box - if the height of the roof box is too low, the frame elements are mounted at the top of the slope of the roof.

Now you can look at the types of fasteners that are most commonly used. For individual production, installation and consulting click on the link.

Terrace roofing: Attachment directly to the masonry

Canopy-roof pergola-opal multiwall sheets

Terrace coverings: on-roof installation

Patio roof-wall covering-glass

Terrace roofs: Freestanding construction

Freestanding canopy-the-pool-villa

The next point in the planning of a roofing is to select the roof covering. The first roofing variant is the safety glass. If you want to use it, however, you need additional shading - so it is not too hot under the patio roof. Possible decision is to put an awning under the patio roof. Instead of safety glass, Opal web plates are often used. They provide a pleasant light under the roof and beautify the entrance area without affecting the light. The last point in the planning of a canopy is the future expansion with sliding doors - thus any rain and wind will not come in.

Sliding glass elements on pergola frame 


High-quality multi-wall sheets ensure pleasant temperatures under the patio roof

Canopy-glass-alu-wall tiling

Canopy fittings on the house wall

garden canopy-cottage

Terrace roofing: Two roofs with connection

pergola-wood terrace roof modern-house

Cozy sitting area in the shade

Canopy-alu-with-folding roof

Entrance roof with modern Opal bridge boards

Canopy-alu-pergola roof

Roof house made of rustic wood

Patio roof-from-wood-in-garden

The glass gives the patio roof a touch of modernity

Patio roof-from-wood-pergola roof-glass-wall covering-glass

Balcony construction for cool shade in summer

Patio roof folding roof-balcony-pergola

Patio roofs: Optimum protection from the strong sun

Patio roof folding roof-sun protection

Decorate your front yard with chic flower tubs


Slatted roof provides shading without darkening the living spaces


Terrace roofing with awnings substructure

Canopy-glass-awning-sun protection

Terrace roofing conservatory: fully enclosed


Canopy-glass-and-garden pond

Canopy-glass-wall covering-glass

Canopy-wood-wall tiling-of-wood

Terrace Canopy markise-

Side shading with a colorful awning

Terrace Canopy sunshade awning

Holiday villa Terrace roofing 

garden-pergola roof canopy-wood

Rooftop mounting types in pictures


Terrassenueberdachung aluminum Highline glass

Elegant terrace roofing: protects against sun and bad weather

Canopy-alu-awning-wall tiling

Terrace roof tied to the roof box


Sun protection pergola mounted on the house roof

Terrace Canopy sunshade and-garden sitzgruppe-in-shadow



summer-house-with-glass canopy

Patio roof-grill-the-garden

Patio roof canopy with awning for the conservatory

Canopy-roof pergola-awning-by-conservatory-with-sliding doors

Combine rustic and modern

Patio roof-from-wood-to-wall tiling

Beautiful pictures with freestanding constructions: pergolas  

Freestanding canopy-wood-

Safety glass patio roof



Freestanding canopy-backyard



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