Planting a balcony: 60 original ideas!

Summer is coming and people are preparing for the warm, sunny weather. This also applies to their apartments. In summer you get the great opportunity to get an extra room, namely: the balcony. The balcony can actually be described as a real room, because you can do a lot there, what else in the living room, for example, makes. You can read a book, eat and drink, even sleep and just laze on the chair. Since you spend a lot of time on the balcony in the summer, it is worth paying a little attention to the balcony design. Do you think so too?

In this article we will show you how beautiful and creative yours is Plant balcony can. However, the article is not only about plants on the balcony, but also about how to bring the plants together with the furniture and decorative items. Stay with it! Amazing balcony equipment is to be considered!

When you plant your balcony, always remember that the color combination is very important.

balcony-plant-rosy carpet

Plant a balcony: sometimes it is enough to place a beautiful flower in a vase on the table

balcony-plant-colorful-furniture pieces

Notice how interesting the wooden table appears next to all the flowers:

Balcony plant-small table-cum-two-chairs

Cosiness? That's just the most important thing when it comes to balcony design!

Balcony plant-small-round-table with chairs

If you want to plant your balcony, you can opt for a jungle design. It looks unique!


Furnish the balcony with good taste!


What a balcony planting and what a look!

balcony-planting Gorgeous-house-with-much-green

Photo taken from above


Creatively decorated canopy


Create an exotic look


Plant the balcony and decorate super great!

balcony-plant-many Throw-on-the-ground

Trendy features that you would probably like:


We call that green!


The more plants, the warmer the ambience on the balcony

balcony-plant-attractive-furniture pieces

Plant the balcony and furnish with sweet furniture

balcony-plant-blue-chair Rosy Flowers

balcony-plant-flower pots-the-hang

balcony-plant-flower pot-green-plant

balcony-plant-bushes-to-the-corner-brick wall





balcony railing-plant-in-white-color

balcony-plant-wide-flower pots


beautiful little design from the balcony

balcony-plant-interesting-picture-taken from Down


balcony-plant-planting boxes with green--

balcony-planting Creative Outfit

Balcony plant idea: wooden boards as an accent


balcony-planting Round-table-romantic-decoration



balcony-plant-very-interesting-plant species




balcony-plant-many colorful-flower pots

balcony-plant-many beautiful green-plant

balcony-plant-many pots-of-wood


balcony-plant-white-flower pot Red Flowers

balcony-plant-white-cabinet - interesting equipment


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