Minimalist garden – a combination of beauty and simplicity

The term "Minimalist Garden" sometimes sounds simple and boring! On the contrary, the gardens in this style are simple and stylish. Anyway, a minimalist garden is perfect for any lifestyle.

Minimalist garden in a big city

a minimalist garden - a sitting area, English lawn, lots of green plants

Actually, the minimalist horticulture is about how to use the space. In comparison with the direction in architecture, the garden design uses hard building materials, simple plant varieties, combined with geometric shapes and straight lines.

A minimalist garden in the courtyard

a minimalist garden inside courtyard full of ornamental trees and a circle of grass

You probably can not even create a professional minimalist garden design. But read our tips and tricks! In addition, our ideas look at pictures. So you can make an attempt to maintain your garden puristically.

Here you can see a modern front garden!

three ornamental shrubs in red and small hedge - minimalist garden

First tip: The privacy screen plays a big role in the minimalist look of the garden. Since simplicity is a feature of this style, the choice of a divider is critical to the success of the whole design. Whether you form a fence, wall or hedge, the privacy of the screen should match the purist design. If the materials you use are not suitable for your idea, they can be further edited and deleted. Do not forget that the decoration may only be plain.

In a minimalist garden, privacy is of great importance

minimalist garden well lit at night, especially the trees

Second tip: Reduce the colors and materials as much as possible. You should achieve simplicity in minimalism. In this picture you can see how a harmonious look is created by the use of the same material for the flooring and the privacy.

Create a harmony!

a pergola, neat high grass, garden furniture and house in a minimalist style - modern front gardens

Third tip: The paving is a good decision for the flooring in the minimalist garden. But rather use plates in neutral colors and draw a plan where they should be. If you pay attention to the details, you will soon create a perfect puristic garden.

Flooring with modern garden design

a minimalist garden next to a house in minimalist style

Fourth tipGrass is typical of all types of garden designs, but it has a special place in the minimalist design. The natural materials such as stone and wood are beautifully combined with the greenery. In such a garden, the grass should be well cared for - mowed low like a green carpet.

Various types of grass

modern garden design green and black grass on the lawn

Fifth tip: The range of plants in minimalistic horticulture should be limited. Put up to three plant varieties that repeat themselves in the scheme. Such planting not only looks beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain. Most professional gardeners prefer boxwood because they are evergreen and can be shaped in various forms.

Strange box trees and water levels

a water level surrounded by greenery - a modern front yard

Sixth tip: Create a harmony with plants in the same color, but in different nuances. The minimalist designers have a preference for black, gray and green. What do you prefer? Here is a list of plants that you can use to create these shades.

  • Black: New Zealander flax;
  • Gray: Perovskian;
  • Green: Soft lady's coat;

Choose the appropriate color scheme!

a small tree in the garden with tall grass and lawn - modern garden design

Seventh tip: The whole garden should be designed in a few color scheme. If you choose flower pots, you'll get neutral colors and simple designs again.

Modern flowerpots

modern front yard with flowerpots with bonsai trees and green plants

Eighth tip: Water is often underestimated in minimalist garden design. However, a water feature or pond can give a soothing feeling. In addition, the water should be considered as part of garden planning, rather than adding it as an extra decoration.

Beautiful pond gives a cozy feeling

a pond full of water lilies modern garden furniture a fence made of bamboo, ball decoration

A minimalist garden is a true work of art, so you should design it carefully. As a result, you have a quiet and beautiful place for you and your whole family.

Inspire yourself from our picture gallery

a minimalist garden with small water lilies and greenery pond with bridge

a lonely tree planted in a minimalist garden surrounded with many green shrubs

a minimalist garden with many easy-care flowerbeds, a sitting area

a wood screen, a bench and green plant, tile flooring - minimalist garden

Beauty and simplicity in the garden

Modern garden design - water feature and pond Country-style garden furniture

Modern garden design a water feature with four fountains in the corners

a garden pavilion in minimalist style well lit with many trees - modern garden design

modern garden design with country-style patio furniture high privacy and tall plants

Do not you want to create such a garden?

a pond full of golden fish a flowerpot sailing - modern garden design

four grass surfaces in geometric form with tree in the middle - modern garden design

Modern garden design - green plants and stairs covered with gravel

Modern garden design - as little green as possible, more concrete

modern garden design - sphere flower pots, squares spots grass

how to combine a desert and greenery in the garden - modern garden design

Find the inner balance!

Sand as flooring and a lot of bonsai trees in different colors - modern garden design

gray sand, big stones and green moss - a modern garden design

a garden with the ideas of minimalism and existential loneliness

two squares ponds, English lawn in forms, white stairs - modern front yard

Puristic garden and Zen feeling

three cocks that flow on stones green plants - purist garden

a puristic garden with privacy and shade flooring from tiles

Purist garden - well-lit garden with many green plants and chic garden furniture

puristic garden with a row of trees in beds in green color

Water and green - a stunning combination

Water feature, built-in bench Water feature a green hedge - purist garden

green well-mowed lawn, a low green tree - a purist garden

gray stones, low trees in a courtyard - purist garden

a house with a modern front garden, glass facade, a swimming pool, sculpture

Minimalism in architecture

two symmetrical rows of plants on the fence, green lawn - modern front yard

geometric garden, green grass, a vertical garden - modern front yard

a water feature stands on the background the sunset - modern front yard

four juxtaposed flower pots with plants like balls - modern front garden

Dreamlike gardens

green lawn sun loungers yellow garden furniture a swimming pool purist garden

puristic garden - a minimalist house hedge and small trees

a bed in green color, two ornamental shrubs, chic garden furniture - purist garden

a white cottage in the corner, wooden privacy, two bonsai trees - modern garden design

Modern garden design - ornamental tree in the corner, green lawn, small white stones

Make beds easy to care for

two trees laid out in flower beds with white stones and a bench - modern front gardens

green garden with various flower beds - a small modern front garden

a round pot full of red plants next to a pond - modern garden design

Beds full of green round bushes around low thin trees - modern front gardens

A few original ideas

Vertical garden of moss, small island with greenery in pond garden design examples

a lawned garden, simple garden furniture - landscaping examples

Sphere of deco, small green plants, pebble stones and small trees gardening examples

minimalist house with minimalist garden - landscaping examples

Always boxwood

a rock garden with moss and gravel as floor coverings - garden design examples

Minimalist gardens that are real eye-catchers

Landscaping examples - geometric design with water level and lawn

Water feature in three stands a tree in the background - garden design examples

Minimalist means designing the garden with simple, geometric forms

beautiful garden design examples - trees, lawns, lower plants

Minimalist trees

Row arranged light in garden at dusk - garden design examples

Landscaping examples - a water level with rows of light, chic garden furniture, ornamental trees

a swimming pool full of water, all in geometric forms - garden design examples

a photo from above of a minimalist garden - garden design examples

Landscaping examples

a beautiful water feature with many gray stones and exotic palm trees - garden design examples

Landscaping examples - a simple design of garden with white privacy screens

a wild garden with geometric shapes - gardening examples

a water level with three tiles in the middle, English lawn - garden design examples

Minimalist gardens are a pleasure for the eyes

an artificial grass lawn, trees at the fence, house in minimalist style - gardening examples

modern front yard with manicured lawns and some trees so geometric

House sausages and white stones interesting combination - modern front yard

Flowerbeds and ornamental trees at the screen - modern front yard

Have fun with minimalistic horticulture!

a green modern front garden with trees and screens from hedge, sitting area

Screen and flooring are the same, beautiful chairs and a pond - modern front gardens

a minimalist modern front garden with a geometrically mowed lawn

a compact modern front garden that contains everything - flowerbeds and garden furniture

Do not dare the place where weeds do not grow!

a modern front garden in photo from above - pond and garden furniture, green plants

a beautiful house in Sylt with a modern minimalist front garden

a beautiful minimalist design of front yard with high hedge

Pebble flooring and stones on the path, green plants - modern front yard

modern front yard at the footpath - green must always be everywhere

a tiny house with a huge swimming pool in front - modern front yard

a beautiful water feature, pond with water lilies and large trees - modern front garden

a tree in the center with small orange fruits - modern front yard

Garden furniture, with which one can spend the whole day outside -modern front yard

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