Folding table for balcony – a fantastic idea!

Do you like to sit on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air in your spare time with a coffee cup and your favorite book? If you are looking for fresh ideas, we could make your balcony in an optimal way, then we have a wonderful proposal for you. On Folding table for balcony is a perfect variant for the small balcony, where there is no room for a larger table.

Anyway, have one Folding table for balcony many advantages - it is small, flexible and space-saving - everything you need for the balcony. In combination with folding chairs you will find a wonderful place to rest, have coffee or read a newspaper. The folding table models are very diverse and can be adapted to any balcony size. We've put together a collection of about 20 examples for you.

Practical wooden folding table for balcony

small-balcony-folding-table-modern-furnishing-ideas-balcony-terrace-furnishing --- folding table for balcony

Wonderful design with folding table for balcony

beautiful-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving-einrichtungsideen-

Folding table for balcony - flexible and comfortable

balcony-make-small-balcony-set-establishment of ideas klapptisch--

Folding table for balcony with modern design

balcony of-make-small-balcony-set-establishment ideas-folding table

Beautiful balcony with many green plants 

2praktische-and-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving device-ideas-resized

1praktische-and-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving device-ideas-resized

Small balcony in the city 

small-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-einrichten--

A comfortably furnished balcony 

balcony-make-small-balcony-set-establishment ideas-folding table

Folding wooden chairs and wooden table for the balcony

great-furnishing-ideas-folding-tables-balcony-furnish-balcony-design Folding table for balcony

Folding table with modern design 

small-balcony-folding-table-modern-furnishing-ideas-balcony-terrace-furnishing ---- folding table for balcony

Beautiful white folding table, suitable for the balcony, the terrace or the porch. 

balcony-folding table-set modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-

Drink coffee on the balcony - fantastic idea

beautiful-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving-device ideas

one-balcony-make-small-balcony-set-establishment ideas-folding table

White hanging table on the balcony 

folding tables Small-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-einrichten--

Beautiful wooden furniture for the balcony and comfortable sofa in blue 

small - balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-einrichten--

folding table-small-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-einrichten--

-Small-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-einrichten--

--kleine-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-set ----

small-balcony-folding table-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-terrace-set --- folding table

modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving-device ideas

practical-establishment ideas make-folding tables-balcony-set-balcony-

-modern-establishment ideas-balcony-ideas-folding tables-space-saving-device ideas

beautiful-establishment ideas make-folding tables-balcony-set-balcony-

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