40 beautiful models garden umbrellas that amaze you

The garden is a special place. You go there to find peace and loneliness. Therefore you need comfortable garden furniture, e.g. made of rattan, such as sofa or deck chair and of course a shade. The garden umbrellas must be tight enough to block the sunshine. The design is of course important too. It must fit the whole exterior of your garden. You can choose one with a simple design or you can opt for a designer umbrella. It all depends on your own taste, your financial resources and the concept that you have in mind.

There are garden umbrellas in different shapes - square, round. But for some models you need a lot of space. So that makes another condition that you have to consider before choosing your screen.

On the market there is a far too large variety of models. We have done you a great favor, and indeed - we have prepared a beautiful compilation of photos for you that could serve as inspiration. Have fun!

Beautiful garden umbrellas with Indian motifs

Garden umbrellas Indian-style grass

There are portable models of garden umbrellas that you can attach directly to the table or chair

Blue Chair vintage garden umbrellas-portable model for table or chair

Simple models garden umbrellas in different colors

colored garden umbrellas-black-green-pink-grass

Garden umbrellas that you place directly in the table are very common

Garden umbrellas Dark Blue-model white stripe stylish-Kleier-blue-table lemons

Attractive model with small lights - suitable for romantic evenings in the garden

blue-Patio Umbrella Lights Green

Stylish garden design

Garden grass decorative stones Wooden furniture Garden umbrella and white square

Romantic atmosphere in the garden

Garden brightly-rosy Screen rosy tablecloth Bank flowers

Garden in orange color - bold and stylish

Garden umbrellas-orange color garden furniture plants

Mediterranean design - turquoise blue screen

Garden umbrellas porch-sea turquoise sofa cushion Schöafdecke tooth

Exquisite model garden umbrella with tassels

Garden umbrella Tassel garden furniture cream-color flower pots Straw Hats

The black garden umbrellas are not very popular, but they still look fantastic

Garden Screen black and stylish rattan furniture orange Cushion grass-Sea

Garden Screen simple design paper lamps Small lamps and elegant design

Stripes are up to date

Garden umbrella-umbrella-striped black-and-white deck chairs Pool stylish

The umbrella here can be perfectly combined with the garden furniture

Garden umbrella-umbrella-round-purple color rattan deck chairs grass

The quiet atmosphere in this garden is completed by the screen

Garden Umbrella-many pillows sofa ceramic pots

Another good color combination

Garden Parasol tomato red garden furniture wood coffee cups strawberries grass

Garden umbrella with hanging lanterns

Garden Strohschirm Lantern colorful Pillow wefrischende drinks

Another Mediterranean inspiration

striped garden umbrellas and white furniture porcelain vase flowers

Multi-colored model with a large surface

Striped Parasol Garden Grass Summer

Another striped combination between the furniture and the umbrella

Striped Parasol Deck chairs Pool

Striped Parasol Garden white-blue garden furniture House Green modern design

There are garden umbrellas that are put in the flower pot

large-purple-garden umbrella flower pot rosy garden furniture rattan decorative stones

If you enjoy a small waterfall in the garden, then the garden must be in green natural color green garden umbrella garden furniture wood-many pad-less waterfall

From here you can enjoy the magnificent view, under the garden umbrella of course

green garden umbrella table chairs Rattan Flower Sea Sunset

Garden design with touch from the Orient

Handmade Parasol Garden vintage furniture Orient Polka Dot Coffee Mugs Grass palms

classic garden umbrellas furniture wrought iron green-tooth grass

Another reference to Indian culture

purple garden umbrella Decoration Indian style Elephant Statue Cushion-blanket Lavender

In the lounge, under the garden umbrella - as in paradise

Lounge Garden Parasol green decorative stones grass

Garden umbrella with solar lights

orange garden umbrella solar light-table-chairs-wrought iron garden green

Pyramid shaped diffuser 

Parasol Garden interesting design Cactus table-benches-blue metal prospect

Parasol Garden orange paper lamp rattan furniture plants

Parasol Garden Rattan furniture pastel-green-blanket-grass

Parasol Garden vintage-green-blue flowers pattern

Feel like you're on the beach with this straw umbrella

Strohschirm garden furniture refreshing drinks porch Garden

Vintage garden umbrella and wrought iron garden furniture

vintage Parasol Garden-white-knitting Garden furniture wrought iron grass-Rosen

Romantic polka-dot model

vintage textile Patio Umbrella-pink-brown-beige polka dots

white garden umbrellas Tether lights banks Gray Cushion

Two models balinese garden umbrellas

balinese garden umbrellas and white golden ornaments Rattan Furniture

Touch from the eastern culture

Balinese-screen garden furniture rattan cushions Garden backyard

We wish you a good rest under the appropriate garden umbrella!

beautiful garden Screen beige ornaments-sharp tip-Sea

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