Tinker tulips – 26 interesting models

Do you like to do handicrafts? Because we have a very original proposal for you. Why not beautiful and tender Tinker tulips? It's a startling idea that you can easily realize.

With this in mind, we have compiled 26 stunning images of paper tulips. If you look at the photos, you will probably find that the DIY ideas never go out!

The best way to be unique Tinker tulips can, is, to experiment. Do not be afraid that some of the experiments will end without success. This is the most beautiful and interesting thing about the whole crafting process.

Here are our creative ideas. Let yourself be inspired!

If you want to make beautiful tulips, you must first get inspiration!

One-on-one red paper tulip tinker - background in white

Make tulips - a difficult or an easy task?

spring flower crafts - different colors

You can make intricate tulips and you can make simple tulips :))) It depends on you 🙂

yellow-tulip-craft-paper-orange and gray

These paper flowers look very sweet:

interesting diy idea paper tulip - in purple and yellow

Are you a fan of origami flowers?

interesting paper tulip tinker - green leaves

This tulip almost looks like a real one!

flower-tinkling-rosy-tulip- photo taken from near

Here is a super original idea for DIY card:

origami tulip - a nice card tinker

If you want to make beautiful tulips, you'll get more inspiration from our next cool suggestions!

origami tulip-making - purple nuances

paper flowers wrinkle different-colored

rosy tulip tinker - green frame

Red paper flower folds - photo taken from above

beautiful-rosy-tulip-self-made - on a wooden table


standing tulip - green background

tulip-tinker - colorful colors

tulpen-tinker-ans-fenster-stellen - look very nice

tulip-tinkering-purple-and-orange-a woman takes her


tulip-tinkering-very-original-idea - white background

tulip-tinker-white-background - look great

many-rosy-and-red-tulip-crafts - gray background

many-beautiful-paper-tulips-crafts - white background


You can do many different types of Tinker tulips. Experiment freely and enjoy the interesting results!

two-card-with-paper-tulips - great design

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