Original DIY ideas with vinyl records

If you have many old ones records at home, then you deserve our compliments. But if you no longer enjoy the music content and intend to eject the records, then we have some ideas for you. Give the old gramophone records a new lease of life as you find a new application for you. You can choose between practical and purely decorative ideas that records include, choose. You can even work on some projects yourself. They are very easy and simple.

We suspect that you do not believe us and would like to prove to you the credibility of our thesis. And how do we do that best? Exactly, with the help of the photos. Just scroll down and get some inspiration for your next DIY projects. We keep our fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck!

Every wedding has a strict organization. A few old records help

Wedding table decoration table Plan guests name on records clothespin

The records make a beautiful table decoration

beautiful table decoration Wedding vinyl disc records

The records can have a pretty practical application

vintage records plate Cake Coffee Cup sweet idea

For an impressive party decoration you can hang some vinyl records in an effective way

Party decoration idea Pendant-vinyl-disk record

Stylish table decoration for wedding

Wedding elegant table decoration vinyl disk creative idea

The gramophone records have an additional application

practical application-old gramophone records vase

With the plates you can also make the walls beautiful

Bedroom fresh design-aqua-shades-green dresser yellow wall blue-record-creative-wall design

If you prefer wall tattoos instead of real ones

Gramophone records-wall decals White Wall contrast gray sofa

Add a vinyl plate and the gift will be more beautiful automatically

Gift Decoration old vinyl disk-Strings Red packaging

There are plenty of wall clock ideas from vinyl - this owl is definitely among the favorites

Wall Clock Creative idea Owl-record-book sheets buttons textile

beautiful wall design records-in frame

Gramophone records cupcake stand-creative idea

Records idea wall clock Batman Inspiration

Red Wall beautiful wall design wall clock rock-inspired vinyl record

Celebration Wedding-Birthday-creative-practical idea-old-vinyl-plate cake stand cupcake stand

interesting decoration idea teacup-vinyl plates

Wall Clock-plate-original-idea-heart-shape

old-vinyl-board practical application stand-three-step Fruit Orange and lemon

old records light-creative idea

unpretentious apartment-wall design Pendant records

Books-plate idea books Holder DIY project

Decoration idea-vinyl-plate hanging decoration

Decorative birdhouse for the office interior

Decorating idea Office interior decorative birdhouse-old vinyl records

Decoration Idea Wall-old records

beautiful table decoration purple Flower Candle Plate Dish

Coffee table nightstand idea Gramophone plate Coffee Cup

Accessory for the garden

creative idea garden accessory Flower Holder Schlallplatten

Have you seen a clothes rack so far?

creative idea's coat rack Hook vinyl records

creative idea table decoration gramophone records colorful paper flowers

This vinyl record by The Beattles is definitely the accent here

creative table decoration-The-Beattles-vinyl accent

practical idea-old plates newspaper holder

Recycled Reading Lamp old-record-original idea

Vinyl Decoration hanging-Dekoartikel Creative Idea

Vinyl Decoration Idea Mobile creative idea

vintage-vinyl-practical idea cupcake stand

vinyl-practical idea kitchen paper holder

Super light and original DIY idea

Wall Clock-idea-vinyl-creative art beautiful result

Living-creative-wall design gramophone records composition

beautiful table decoration Flower gramophone records Candle Photos

elegant table decoration purple shades records

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