How the children make squirrels: over 40 creative suggestions

Here we are with another proposal, what you can tinker with the children together. Who does not want Tinker squirrels! That's so much fun! The little animal is very popular with the kids! Creating a figure or a mask by yourself pleases every child!

A guide to autumn tinker with natural materials:

First, we should choose a pin that fits the shape. The upper part of the pin represents the head. For the small ears one must use scales from other cones. With the help of awl, you drill four holes for the paws, which are made of paper. For the tail you can use a stick with a rounded shape. With threads one works fur for the squirrel. This works if you weave together many wool threads. Then you stick the threads to the ears and the tail. You make eyes out of paper or you can just buy plastic eyes. A squirrel can be made entirely out of paper. You can create beautiful origami like this little animal. Creating a sculpture like squirrels is not that complicated either. Browse through our over 40 examples how to make such an animal. Maybe you find the best idea for yourself and your children.

Making squirrels is so funny!

craft ideas-for-children-of-toilet paper roll

Making squirrels in autumn

craft ideas-for-children-3d

Make squirrels with children

craft ideas-for-children-of-recycled-material

Make origami squirrels

craft ideas-for-children-craft ideas-for-toddlers

craft ideas-for-children-orange origami

craft ideas-for-children-origami-squirrel-tinker

Wood crafts for advanced

craft ideas-for-children-very-strange

Amusing idea you can start with kids!

craft ideas-for-children-so-handy

Carve a cute squirrel out of wood! The children can dye it!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-from-wood

A simple but original idea

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-craft ideas-for-autumn

Make squirrels with just a few materials!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-a-anhanger

Are you ready for Halloween ?! Here is a suggestion for mask.

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-a-mask

Beautify the simple bags by turning them into squirrels!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-a-tute

Squirrel as ring - interesting crafting idea! The glans has not been forgotten!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-some-rings

Squirrel that loves to read!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-a-bookmarks

The little children can also participate in crafts!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-for-toddlers

Enjoy our further suggestions!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-in-some-color

Embroider squirrel pillow!

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten Funny pillows

craft ideas-fall-kindergarten-so-sus

tinker-with-children-craft ideas-fall-kindergarten


Unique ideas for crafting




tinker-painted with-children-stones-


paint tinker-with-children-and-

A guide on how to make squirrels



squirrel-tinker-craft ideas-for-children

squirrel-tinker-craft ideas-for-toddlers

squirrel-tinker-craft ideas-autumn

squirrel-tinker-craft ideas-fall-kindergarten

Make squirrels with handy materials

craft ideas-for-children-of-newspaper

craft ideas-for-children-craft ideas-autumn

craft ideas-for-children-in-gray-color

These squirrels are so sweet!



squirrel-tinker-tinker-with-small children

squirrel-tinker-craft tips

squirrel-tinker-cool-craft ideas

craft ideas-for-children-from-wood

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