How do I sew a patchwork blanket?

If you want to sew a patchwork blanket yourself, then you are in the right place! Our team has put together the most important steps for you and collected simple sewing ideas. The end product is a cuddly blanket for the long winter evenings or a soft picnic blanket for the summer days.

Cute red patchwork blanket

Patchwork blanket in the colors white, pink and red with flower pattern very cuddly

First, you should choose the right fabrics. The cotton is perfect for your DIY project! There are three possibilities:

  1. To sew a blanket out of fabric scraps.
  2. To buy a special patchwork fabric - it is available in small pieces.
  3. Some substances to cut into pieces.

If you've been into sewing a lot, you'll probably have enough scraps left over that you do not want to throw away. Now it's time to recycle the bigger pieces. One drawback is that the pattern of the patchwork quilt depends on a limited selection. However, if you are creative enough, you can use the colorful pieces to create an art object. An advantage of the special patchwork fabrics is that they do not require cutting. In addition, they are matched in a packet of color and pattern. As disadvantageous one considers that no original motives can be created. It is hard work, however, that all pieces are cut out of a single fabric. In this case, you work with a template, with which you cut out the pieces evenly. In this way, you can let your imagination run free and choose the fabrics and motifs yourself.

Blanket with beautiful floral patterns

Patchwork blanket in red, white and beige colors - vintage floral pattern

When choosing the fabric you should note that the material is suitable for a patchwork quilt. Jersey fabrics, corduroy and denim are too thick to be sewn together. If you want to use such fabrics, they make uneven wrinkles that hate the project. As I said, cotton is the best material for a blanket. We recommend choosing high quality fabrics for sewing. Otherwise, the blanket tears easily and is not so durable.

Picnic blanket for the whole family

Patchwork blanket every part is unique, no pattern is repeated twice

Before we give you the cutting instructions, we want to return your attention to the choice of fabrics. First, answer the question for whom you are sewing the patchwork quilt. Is she a picnic blanket for the whole family, a baby blanket or a cover? After the function different motives are preferred. Childlike motifs are suitable for the baby, and colorful for a picnic.

The step-by-step guide begins:

First step (if you have purchased finished patchwork fabrics, skip this step): Create a cardboard pattern for the small pieces of patchwork. For the pieces take the dimensions of 15 × 15 or 10 × 10. If the ceiling does not have to be square, a rectangle with dimensions of 15 × 10 also fits. First, draw the squares with a textile marker on the fabric. Then cut out with a craft knife or scissors.

Pieces for a patchwork blanket

Patchwork quilt fabrics in five colors, each piece is also patchwork - so original

Second step: Make a plan of what your patchwork pattern looks like. First, draw a scheme of how the pieces must be ordered. That requires a bit of imagination. If you do not feel like it, you can download a plan from Internet. However, this does not correspond to their unique fabric selection. Maybe you have so many pieces that you do not use any of them twice. Then go to the next step.

Create a plan!

a colorful patchwork blanket in three colors - red, white and black and abstract floral pattern

step 3: Arrange all pieces according to the scheme on the floor or on the bed. This will tell you if the pattern is beautiful. Now make changes if something is not harmonious. Transfer the new data to the scheme because the pieces mingle if you move them involuntarily. That's why your perfect plan can fall into the water.

A cozy blanket

cuddly patchwork quilt with triangular parts and stars patterned on the lining

Step 4: Take the first two pieces from the first row. Put the first piece, then fold the second one over. If the parts have a pattern, be careful that it is not mirrored horizontally. Attach the pieces with pins, making sure the squares fit together well. Finally, start sewing. Repeat until the whole series is finished.

A picture of how to fasten the two parts!

Step 5: Iron each row to make the seams flat. This makes the next steps easier. One suggestion would be to iron every two rows in different directions. This way, the pieces will fit better together as you continue to sew.

A blanket like hardwood floor

Quilt baby with leaf motifs like foliage as if it were the ground in the forest

Step 6: First, pin each of both rows that will be together. Again, one row must lie on the front and the other folded down. Second, sew the pieces together as shown above.

Still colorful leaves on a blanket

Baby blanket sew like the foliage of oak in nine colors, purple, red, green, yellow, etc.

That way you have the blanket ready! If desired, you can quilt or just use them. Gather many more ideas in our post. In the picture gallery you will discover suggestions for patterns, order of pieces. In addition, we show many examples of how to use the blanket.

Creative idea for nursery

Quilt baby print the little hands in different colors to get a nice piece

Sew a cute baby blanket

Quilt baby in many colors - colorful patches and geometric pattern

pink baby blanket as a patchwork blanket with a small doll clothes as an ornament

Patchwork blanket for little Emily with baby's name and doll clothes as decoration

Crochet and sew patchwork blanket - pieces with floral pattern and abstract motifs

an original creative patchwork blanket with many little dinosaurs - so funny

green and blue patchwork blanket, little monster motifs for a boy

Country-style ceilings

Simple sewing a vintage bedroom many fabrics with squares pattern

Sewing Patchwork Blanket In Blue And Black Squares Patterns

Sew colorful patchwork quilts

Quilt baby in many colors with squares motifs and floral pattern

Quilt baby with many little pictures of funny animals - many different fabrics

Sew patchwork blanket and embellish the pillow in the same pattern - beige, blue and white color

Quilt baby with green leaf pattern of different fabrics on different background

Patchwork blanket sew-green and brown blanket with rose pattern as bedding

Do you feel like sewing?

Quilt baby crochet many small funny ornaments and geometric motifs

Patchwork quilt sewing for the bedroom of a girl in pink color with butterflies pattern

white quilt baby with circles in different patterns - roses etc.

classic quilt baby made of many different fabrics in light color

A few interior design ideas for the bedroom

simple sewing ideas - a themed bed linen by bears in brown color

Simple sewing ideas - green and blue linen flowers and abstract patterns

Simple sewing ideas - plan how to distribute the pieces on the blanket

Simple sewing a colorful bedding with vintage floral pattern on box spring bed

The more creative the pattern, the better!

Quilt baby with many different transportation on nuances of blue background

blue and pink linen simple sewing ideas, how to turn the bedroom into oasis

excellent linens sew themselves from different fabrics - simple sewing ideas

Simple sewing Blanket of dark fabrics like this in the house of grandmother

A few colorful figures!

Quilt baby hanging after hanging on the wall

Quilt sew on bedding on roses, forget-me-not and other colorful flowers

Quilt sew a very colorful piece with floral patterns Rectangles and triangles form rhombs

Quilt sew a colorful blanket of shiny fabrics in purple and red color

Sewing a funny quilt Each piece is unique and well-ordered to create an effect

Harmonious color scheme

Sew on baby blanket - gray geometric motifs and a bunch of purple flowers

Sewing baby blanket - white, red and green color deer drawings as seen from a hunter

Krabbeldecke sew in colors red, green and blue with geometric patterns and floral motifs

Quilt sewing - a beautiful blanket made of many different fabrics, each with a unique pattern

A lot of ideas how to use the patchwork blanket

Quilt sewing in gray color made from four patterned fabrics placed on a sofa

a quilt sew softly in gray color to lie, a girl lies on it

Baby blanket sew for a little boy with many different pieces

Quilt sew in purple color in the bedroom of a couple and provided with purple flowers

The blankets keep you warm!

Quilt sew in colors green and red with geometric patterns on the sofa

Sewing baby blanket - green and blue pieces, small pandas drawn

Sewing baby blanket - pink and green quilt in a small square almost every different

red blanket with floral pattern on the edges and geometric pattern in the middle - sew blanket

Colorful colors bring joy!

Blanket on hexagons, flowers in many colors - sew blanket

Many fabrics with floral pattern - a material with which you sew blanket

sewing colorful baby blanket - all pieces have different color and different patterns

Sew baby blanket - symmetrical blanket with a series of equal pieces

white and red blanket sew from four types of fabrics cozy blanket

Patchwork, which is a real eye-catcher

Blanket sew ornaments for the nursery as if it were underwater

little fish and eyes floating on the seabed - sewing creative blanket

blue blanket sew for bedding in the bedroom with simple decoration

Blue lining and fabrics in pink, white and blue - sewing patchwork blanket

What kind of blanket do you like to sew?

blue, white and beige blanket very delicate fabric for boy - sewing patchwork blanket

Sewing a patchwork blanket - a blue cuddly blanket with small motifs

Sewing patchwork blanket - big flowers in red and white color as a pattern

colorful motifs on each piece - big and small squares and dots - sewing patchwork blanket

Blankets sewn from the patchwork fabric

six different pieces of fabric to make a patchwork blanket yourself

Sew green purple and white patchwork blanket and crochet pillows for cozy ambiance

a bed in so many flash colors after sewing a patchwork blanket

Patchwork blanket sew in three colors - gray, red and blue - beautiful in the bedroom

Patchwork instruction for beginners a colorful blanket combined with pillows - excellent bedding

We wish you lots of creativity!

Youth room set up Patchwork instruction for beginners in some colors

Patchwork Instructions Beginner sewing in a room by an angler blanket

Patchwork quilt sewing of many colors hanged on a black fence

Sewing patchwork blanket for the youth room - red and blue pillows

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