Driftwood picture frames for your special memories

Driftwood picture frames for your special memories

The photos are what connects us most with the past. They are the material expression of our memories. Since they are too valuable to us, we put them in special settings and keep them in rooms where we spend a lot of time. Sometimes we choose frames that are richly decorated and chic, sometimes we just want to make the photo stand out. In these cases, we choose frames that are unpretentious and quite simple. As such a variant we recommend the Driftwood picture frame. They are mostly handmade, which means you can make them yourself.

If not, you can find many models in the market. Some are combined with shells and starfish, others are more authentic. However, they appear the driftwood picture frame  as an alternative to the hitherto known photo frame. A look at our photo gallery without a frame is worthwhile!

You can make such driftwood picture frames yourself

Driftwood Picture Frame image handpainted

Vintage driftwood picture frames

hand-painted images Driftwood Picture Frame vintage

This frame looks very modest and chic at the same time

little-black-panel Driftwood Picture Frame handmade

Even nice words deserve a nice frame

original Driftwood Picture Frame handmade

Big driftwood picture frame for the old family photos

Driftwood Picture Frame old photos family clothespin

For your summer memories you can choose the following photo frames. They create the mood of carelessness characteristic of the sea.

The driftwood picture frame can be refreshed by additional decoration

Driftwood frame handmade shells starfish Sea image

Another beautiful model with shells and starfish

Driftwood Picture Frame handmade shells starfish

The heart shape suspects a love photo

Driftwood Frame Heart romantic

Frame of birch with interesting design, decorated with cones

picture frame-yourself-making birch Thongs hanging photos

The sweet baby photos make a lovely contrast with the raw material of the frame

picture frame-yourself-making driftwood Cord Baby Photo

Fresh-looking frame, made of small colorful wooden elements

Picture Frames Driftwood handmade colorful elements Sea Decoration

Driftwood can be well combined with decorative stones ... as you can notice here

attractive Handmade Picture Frame shabby-chic style Driftwood decorative bricks-art

Picture Frames Driftwood handmade shells Decoration

Frame made of driftwood and fish made of ... stones

Picture Frames Driftwood interesting composition stones Fish

Picture Frames Driftwood small element handmade

Picture Frames Driftwood shells-handmade

Fresh composition in a framework of raw material

Picture Frames Driftwood itself-making interesting composition decorative stones

Three mini hanging picture frames - art is far from perfect

three mini-picture frames Driftwood handmade

elegant picture frame Driftwood handmade

Handmade does not necessarily mean unpolished

handmade picture frame wood picture

Handmade Picture Frame Driftwood

handmade picture frame Driftwood authentic nature photo

attractive picture frame Driftwood mussels-sea image

picture frame-yourself-craft Driftwood Baby Photo

Memories from the sea in frame

picture frame-yourself-craft Driftwood sea image

Driftwood Picture Frame shells-original

Driftwood photo frames Cord handmade shells image

You can choose between different sizes of handmade driftwood picture frames

Driftwood photo frame-do it yourself-

Here are a few vintage photos with matching frames of raw material. If you have such photos at home, you already know which frames can best be combined with them.

Illustration of deer in fight, framed by walnut wood

Driftwood Walnut Tree Picture Frame deer photo

Vintage photo with solid driftwood frame

vintage Photo Driftwood Frame

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