Do it yourself – 35 cool shoe storage ideas

You are a woman with many shoes? You have huge organizational problems with it? Let us help you. We have 35 super creative Shoe storage ideas put together that will surely inspire you! All models of shoe inserts are original and inspiring. The best thing about it is that you can do it yourself. All women can ask their husbands to make a great gift for them.

 Shoe storage ideas - hide the shoes under a chair once

make your own shoes under the chair and cover with a blanket

 Shoe storage ideas - wooden boards

some of them - wooden shoe storage insertYou can build a shelving system from wooden boards. Such a design saves a lot of space in the room and also looks very creative.

 Shoes storage ideas - shoes on the wall

store shoes - one stick and two shoe pairs

 Shoe storage ideas - build shelves

easily store shoes - small shelf system

Build small shelves in the closet - a great idea

Keep shoes in the closet - orange colors

Keep Shoes - DIY Ideas

shoe storage insert - very extravagant self-made

One-time proposal for shoe storage

Creative idea for shoe storage

Cardboard material for shoe storage insert use

self-built shelves for shoes - made of cardboard material

Organize shoes in boxes

use boxes to store shoes easily

Turn milk boxes into boxes for shoe storage

interesting idea for shoe storage - do it yourself

Extravagant idea how to store your shoes

peculiar design of selbstgemachenr insert for shoes

Wooden shelving system for shoes - self-propelled

Interresting shelving system for shoe storage

Build a simple shoe cabinet yourself

Shoe storage shelf system - clever idea

Use boxes - perfect idea for shoe storage

shoe storage - ideas - use boxes

Keeping shoes out - creative example

Build your own shelves - store your shoes

Shelving system for shoes - a real eye-catcher!

make your own - store your shoes

Women love shoes that are okay

home-made shelving system for shoes in the bedroom

Store shoes - perfect for every home

shoe storage insert self build

The dream of the woman!

Shoe cabinet idea - very creative

Shelf system for shoes make yourself

wooden board creative idea for shoe storage

shoes store stairs

self-built insert for shoes and coat

store shoes - make small shelves yourself

Organize shoes well

homemade shelf for shoes

rosy shelves for shoes - build yourself

shoes under the bed - keep in the bedroom

Interestingly, on what one can bring his shoes in order

storing shoes - use baskets

Shoes store interesting ideas

ladies shoes easy to organize - use stairs

shoe storage ideas - put shoes on the stairs

shoes keep white stairs in the bedroomMaybe this will be amazing Shoe storage ideas You are inspiring and soon you will come up with an interesting model from the shelf cabinet yourself.

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