Modern interior design – 30 interesting proposals

Are you making plans about a new interior design in your home? If the answer is positive, then you have come to the right place. We have put together for you 30 interesting pictures of rooms. Maybe you will give you inspiration and enthusiasm. From each room we show some photos, that is - modern interior design for: living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, children's room, bathroom. Take a look at these creative living ideas and choose the best options for your own home!

 Modern interior design for the living room:

Everyone knows that living room is a very important room in the apartment. That's why you should not underestimate the interior. It is really good if the living room is friendly and warm. In this sense, you can opt for warmer color schemes, soft carpets, cute pieces of furniture. Here are a few photos to inspire:

Modern interior design - orange color schemes

small-modern-living-room-in-orange-glass wall ultramodern

Modern interior design - extravagant pieces of furniture

extravagant-lamp-in-modern-living-room-white pieces of furniture

Modern interior design - Living room to dream

modern living room interesting wall decoration and big green potted plant

two-round-nest-tables-in-white-living-room with modern furniture

Modern interior design for the bedroom:

When it comes to bedroom interior, one has to answer a single question: What I want? I agree. It is very important that the whole design suits the personality of the resident well. However, no guests enter this room. Only the resident enjoys the tender atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, everyone chooses for themselves both the duvet covers, as well as the furniture and the decorative items in the bedroom.

Cozy bedroom that evokes warm feelings

luxurious-bedroom-with-an-extravagant-carpet and a glass wall

modern-bedroom-in-green-very modern design

bedroom design with warm colors modern room design

bedroom-very-modern-fashion-gray color and deco items

bedroom-elegant-furnishing-modern room design

bedroom-in-asian-style-very modern

Modern interior design for the dining room:

The interior in the dining room must stimulate the appetite. In this sense, one should avoid the boring and dark tints. Fresh colors, simple design, a few pictures on the wall and of course flowers are enough for a fresh and friendly-looking dining room.

Simple model of the dining room - tasteful design


modern-dining-room-with-round-table-beautiful room design

beautiful-dining room-brown-furniture-nice picture on the wall

Dining room with modern design letter on the wall as decoration

decorative plant in the dining room - modern room design

 Modern interior design for the kitchen:

Beautiful color combination

kitchen-in-white-and-red-modern-combination-beautiful room design

blue elements in a modern kitchen with cooking island

kitchen-with-ultra-modern-design-and modern lighting

modern-kitchen-in-yellow-very nice cooking island

modern room design kitchen ceiling lights in blue

Modern interior design for the bathroom:

Create a modern atmosphere in your bathroom!

bathroom-with-modern-wall-lights-bathtub in white

bathroom-ockra-color-very-modern room design

penthouse-white-bathroom-original design

modern-room-design-bathroom-ceiling lights

modern-bathroom-red-shower cabin and elegant room design

Modern interior design for the nursery:

The most important thing about nursery interior is the color design - it must be colorful or at least bright!

colorful-kindezimmer-modern-designed-- beautiful colors
nursery-for-girls-modern room design in rosy colors

nursery-with-flash-wall-design-orange carpet

children's room with warm color scheme bed with throw pillow


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