Designing with carpets – Color effect in living spaces


Carpets are too often underestimated as a design element in the home. Selected colors, shapes and materials can not only emphasize the overall picture of an apartment, but also highlight a color-neutral room. What speaks against a long-pile carpet in front of a classic Chesterfield leather sofa? Only courage, who usually tends more to classic or timeless design, may be a bit out of the ordinary when it comes to carpets. Why? Because a loose carpet can be removed again, if the taste changes.

Green animates the apartment.

interesting model-carpet-in-green-modern-living room

Carpets to choose from

Before a consumer decides on a rug, he should quietly request several models and lay them out at home. The purchase on account with 14-day right of return is there a consumer-oriented option. Not all shops offer this, but with the help of a list of shops that work with payment on account or installments customer-oriented, interested find the right provider. The list is divided into sections, carpets are located in the house, garden and furniture. Carpets now come in different designs. For example, these variants are common:

  • Berber carpet
  • Persian carpet
  • short-pile carpets
  • deep pile carpets

Carpets are either cuddly and cozy, clean or rustic, noble or modern. A hip combination consists of modern furniture and Persian carpets. For families in particular, color-intensive carpets with unusual patterns are very popular. Depending on the desired goal, the colorful rugs can be chosen to match the interior or deliberately stand out.

wonderful saver carpet-in-different-colors

Patterned rugs are recommended for children's and playrooms. There are carpets with patterns that show, for example, a racetrack. They animate children to play. Soft and comfortable carpets are, according to the Zentralverband Raum und Ausstattung (ZVR), also a child-friendly choice, even if the little ones suffer from house dust (mites) allergy.

The bathroom is a room that is often forgotten when it comes to carpets. Small, colorful carpets in a bathroom can be special. A cowhide in the bathroom is just as well suited as an eye-catcher, as are high-pile carpets with a cuddly effect.

Color combinations on the floor, ceiling and wall

When a person enters a room, the eyes automatically look for a stop. For example, if a room has lime green walls, a light ceiling, and a brown floor, the brown floor gives the impression visually and emotionally of standing on a natural surface. The brain perceives the lime green walls as a soothing component, the light ceiling gives the feeling of lightness.

The following list shows the impression colors can make on the floor, on the ceiling and on the wall. Incidentally, blue is the favorite color of most people. Up to 40% decide according to statistics for blue, 19% choose red and 18% green. Which color is the better choice in terms of flooring, can be read in the following.


  • bright, warm colors like orange, lime green, yellow: As a floor covering, they look exhilarating, warming the wall and on the ceiling they stimulate the imagination. Bright carpets in warm colors are well suited for the hallway and the bedroom.
  • bright, cold colors like pastel blue, cool rose, mint: On the floor, these colors convey a sense of smoothness, on the wall and ceiling you open the room. In hallways and in the study as well as in dressing rooms or in the kitchen a suitable choice.
  • dark, warm colors like brown, moss green: On the floor, they look down to earth and safe, limiting to the walls and the ceiling limiting to crushing. Carpets in these colors are suitable for living rooms, library and study rooms as well as the master bedroom.
  • red: On the floor red appears representative and dominant, the same applies to walls and ceilings. Red is a very strong color. A red carpet as a splash of color (!) In the bathroom or kitchen is (almost) always.
  • blue: As a floor covering blue is well suited. It looks deep and cozy, perfect for the living room and the bedroom. Depending on the intensity of the effect on the walls, it can be cool or soothing, while bright blue on the ceiling looks like a sky. When the blue is dark, the color pushes the room down.
  • green: Green is a good choice for every level in the room. Whether floor, wall or the ceiling, green gives the feeling of harmony and security.

Gruner-saver carpet-in-living room

  • black: A black, high-glossy floor makes an abstract impression, can even be repellent. As a sole floor black is rather unsuitable, carpets as an accent can loosen a black ground.
  • White: White on the floor is clinically neutral on the walls and ceiling. White is a good choice as an antidote for colorful interiors.

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